INSTAGRAM/ September

1. North Saskatchewan River, 2. Wearing RevolveClothing and Acne Studios boots from Shopbop, 3. Sushi Sugoi
4. 3.1 Phillip Lim sale find, 5. Celine and I at Joanna's wedding, 6. The Enjoy Center's greenhouse
7. Wearing Coup Boutique, 8. Taylor Burk in the river valley, 9. Cafe Bicyclette salad
10. Wearing New Classics Studios and Acne Studios from Shopbop, 11. Mornings spent outside, 12. New York tourist alert
13. Alexander Wang Studio bathroom, 14. New York, 15. Cafe Bicyclette
16. Post viet-sub wear wearing Acne Studios from Shopbop, 17. Homemade Korean food, 18. Photo by Taylor Burk
19. Senso flats from Coup Boutique, 20. North Saskatchewan River pt. 2, 21. Wearing New Classics Studios at Simons