Wicked Games

Unsurprisingly, it started to snow a few days ago, leaving Edmontonians storing their shovels and snowpants confused and rather disgruntled. Do we pull out our knee-high snow boots again? Or do we just tough it out with our dust-covered flip-flops and Birkenstocks? Of course, I went with the latter. Either way, thanks to Lotus Leaf Communciations, I had this Mink Pink jumper dress to keep the upper 3/4ths of me warm.

Also, if you didn't happen to notice, I am no longer blonde. Now, my hair is a sort of brown/green-grey colour that I'm growing quite fond of. My grandma even said I looked Chinese again. Lolz.
knitted jumper c/o MINK PINK (via Lotus Leaf Communications)
shoes c/o FRONT ROW SHOP
vintage denim jacket c/o FATE
zara bag
holt renfrew skirt