The New Classics Pt. 2

Priory Iku Dress Priory Balloon Top Baserange Silver Silk Shankar Jumpsuit Priory Wrap Skirt Mari Giudicelli Raffia Leblon Mule Priory Voy Top Priory Frock II Dress Baserange Black Canvas Shankar Jumpsuit Bronze Age Kimi Babouche Last week, Eric and I set up an impromptu photo studio in my room with the help of some Fabricland sheets and three thumbtacks. We spent the afternoon photographing New Classic's latest sustainable arrivals from Baserange, Priory and Mari Giudicelli, all the while watching Terrace House (it's my most recent guilty pleasure—on a side note, Japanese folks are too polite for reality TV!) and listening to Kendrick Lamar on Spotify. What else is new?