A few weeks ago, Eric and I found ourselves in the midst of Old Montreal where rustic cafes (you know, the ~instagram-able~ ones) dotted every corner and the sidewalks were only two-humans-wide. Shellys London had flown me out, along with three other bloggers (Erika, Rima and Jess), to shoot their Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign. But what should have been three days and three nights with Shellys quickly evaporated into what felt like a few hours. For our first official day, we toured (read: window-shopped) around the Shellys London HQ, where, yes, everything was made out of shoes (no joke). After this, the rest of our time was spent on set at Le Loi Studios where we got to prance around in the next season's fanciest footwear and eat snacks (important). Who can complain? Anyway, if any of this peaked your interested, take a look at the video up there. Also, I've been receiving quite a few requests for me to write a post on my blogging ~jOuRnEy~, so if any of you lovely humans have any questions for me that you want me to touch on, let me know in the comments!

INSPIRATION / With the Boys

Ripped jeans, baggy shirts and dirty sneakers.