Mont Affair International GIVEAWAY!

What a huge milestone in our blog's short life! We've finally reached 100 readers! Kurtis and I want to personally say thank you to everyone for all the support and kind comments over these past few months! We hope that we'll be able to keep posting regularly!
Anyway, as I promised... here's the Mont Affair collaboration!

The wonderful people at Mont Affair are going to give one of my lucky readers a gift card worth $65 SGD (which is approximately $50 USD) to spend on their online clothing store! (Sorry to the male readers, this one is for the ladies!)
See below.

1. Like Mont Affair on Facebook here.
2. Follow The Ordinary Peoples via Google Friend Connect here.
3. Visit Mont Affair's website here and comment below with your favorite product.
4. Don't forget to include your e-mail in the comment!

The winner will be chosen via and announced on Dec 1st. The lovely people from Mont Affair will then be given the winner's e-mail to contact!
Thanks everyone!


lola said...

Hi Alyssa!

Thanks you so much!

My favorite product is Crimson Flap Skirt.
Really rocks it!

My email:

I love your style and Kurtis'!

Happy to follow :)



Imsu said...


Favourite Product: Pane Pencil Skirt Magenta


Thao said...

Sweet giveaway, I did all that you've asked.
Fav item: Unchained Melody Top Sapphire

brooklyn justine said...

Hello Kurtis and Alyssa!
I don't have a facebook but my email is

Love your blog / lookbook -major inspirations :)

My favorite product is Pilet a Portert Tank <3

Marina said...

hey guys,

i love your blog..:) great!!!

check out mine:


Angel ♥ said...

hi guys,
my fav. product is the Scarlet Vest Olive itz a very beautiful color matches these shoes i hve that would go good with.

i luv ur guys outfits my favs it the coats,cari,sweathers u guys wear it gives me inspirations. =D


Angel ♥ said...
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Catherine said...
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khusbu said...

hi...done all..
my favourite product- vanna dress
and congrats for ur 100 follower...i too reached my 100th follower and will do a giveaway really soon...check it out....

marypajee said...

My fave product is the Pane Pencil Skirt Green. It's one of those classic pieces but with a lot of edge.


Chal said...

Osmosis Dress Violet

email: itspurdy [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Maxine said...

My favorite product is the Kriselle Shorts. Really cute.

Email :

TheMadTwins said...

This dress is so cute :D Really adore it :)
And I did everything you asked for :)

Loves, The Mad Twins

alison said...

I love this top so much:
unthinkabletimeline [AT]

jenny k. said...

Hello dear!everything done!my favourite piece is the Kriselle Shorts ! my email is

mariska said...

done all the requierments!

i love Paperbag Pants Tangerine

hope I could win this, Mont Affair has cool collection!

Gai-Lin said...

My favorite product is the Natalie Overlay top. It's too bad the one in ivory is sold out :/ but it's a great piece to mix and match with.Love you style by the way :D

soms said...

Hey Alyssa! Ok everything is so pretty! My fave product is the Honey mustard shorts and it goes really well with their peek a boo blouse. Their models are pretty too :3 Will you be modelling with them? Hehe that'd be awesome
Love lots!

Jade Gabrielle said...


Everything is pretty rad, but I am a fan of this shirt....

I always like back details.

My email is

Thanks, and love your blog, I've been creepin all morning!


Faith in Me. said...

Hi Kurtis/Alyssa (:

MontAffair has so much nice stuff O_O! I can't believe I have never heard of it ;o.

But my favorite item is: Kriselle shorts (:


Thank you for this giveaway [:.

Calli said...

I love the Britanny Dress!


iravilaga said...

I want the Brittany Dress!:)


salina tam said...

My Facebook and Google Friend accounts use different emails so if you look it up they will be different, but it is still me! Just ask if I get picked (which never happens anyways!).

I also really like the Dahlia Drapey Jacket. Thank you :)
and my email address is

Anonymous said...

my fav: Hula Loop Pants Black
my email:

dayanara said...

moiselle blouse

Shaashii said...


mY GFC : shaashii

email :

love the Brittany Dress

like u on FB as : sadia marium majid

Melani said...


now that following is done:

favorite product: Paperbag Pants Tangerine


Liz said...

I love the natalie overlay top!

followed you on GFC, and liked them on FB.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alyssa! I absolutely love Freesia Dress Black :)

Ellen Kim

Saphira Thenalia said...

I love this one : Hemera Dress Mauve

Saphira Thenalia

khusbu said...

check out my giveaway too...

OrianBits said...

This is all just soo gorgeous!
Ultimate fave: Byron Stripe Dress
Victoria Wong (:

Linda said...

Hi :)
I really love putting together tops with skirts so I'd have to say that my favorite piece is the Pleat A Porter Tank!

Thanks for having this giveaway (:

Le Petit Armoire said...

Facebook: Diana L. Barbu
GFC: Le Petit Armoire
I LOVED Kriselle Shorts

my e-mail is:

Anonymous said...

@Reni Gergely on FB and
I loved the Fragonard Frock Black dress. :)

Marianne said...

I'm Mariana Martins on facebook. I absolutely love the Nashkar Dress, those neck/shoulder details are so gorgeous.

celliasaragih said...



michelabartoletti said...
I like this dolly blouse sooo much! <3 fingers crossed :)

Ivy said...

Hey,I'm Beatriz MirĂ£o on facebook, Ivy on Google Friend Connect and I love this beautiful dress:

Thanks for the giveaway :)
Love, Beatriz

zmb said...

Have liked on fb.
Follow with gfc.

Love the Zig Zag skirt.


Ellen S. said...

1. Liked Mont Affair on FB.
2. Followed The Ordinary Peoples via google.
3. My favorite is the Carlisse Blouse.
4. ellenlikefudge[at]yahoo[dot]com.

I love your styles, Alyssa and Kurt! Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

-Judy said...

Liked MontAffair on FB.
Followed via google.
I love the Maverick Blouse Cream blouse.

josephine said...

Like, followed, Poppy Blouse Terracotta <3, email: the

TeriHarlowModeling said...


My favorite item is Hemera Dress Mauve!


Tamara S. Putri said...


My favorite product would have to be their Kriselle shorts :)


debbinadebbuz said...

I love this dress:

Cassie said...

I love the Tweedle Shorts.

Lauren said...

my favorite item is the Fliunce Splatter dress but I tihnk I'm too big for it. :(

Thanks for the oppurtunity. :)

Kim said...

Literally just came across yours and Kurtis's blog about a half hour ago and I'm already in love with it!

My favorite item is the Flounce Dress Ochre.
My email is

:) will definitely visit regularly!

Lauren said...

Fragonard Frock Sand Dress


Love this giveaway, thanks for the opportunity have a great day guys! <3

Alaroy said...

I love these Awesome dress

and this one too

polkaaa.dottt said...

Hi, my favorite item on the website is the Hemera Dress Mauve.

thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

1024. said...


I love the osmosis dresses! and the hemera dress everyone seems to love haha.

Elaine Lam said...

Fav product: freesia dress ivory. Classy and gorgeous :)

Ellen said...

Favorite thing was the Middleton dress-np wonder it is sold out!

Weronika said...

Hi, thanks for this giveaway <3
Did all the steps
and my favourite item is: Gethsemane Blouse Ochre, it will be a great gift for my sister :D

R.S. said...

I like very much the Tanya Braid Dress Cream

AgataP said...

i love Hemera Dress Black <3

de_bo_ra91 said...

super giveaway!

i love this dress

and this dress

dianexviii said...

this is my fave...

my email add is..

and btw, its awesome that your doing a give away! :) <3

Anonymous said... love!
Ivana Nikolova

Alishia said...

Hi Alyssa! :)

My name is Alishia so when i saw the competition on and how your name was spelt similar to mine i thought i should enter as i seem to enter lots of things but never get anywhere haha :)

i followed the steps

having looked at the collected i decided my favourite piece was the dress titled 'Amazing Grace' as i thought how gorgeous it was and my middle name being Grace after the amazing Grace Kelly seemed liked the perfect fit!- I also have some beautiful shoes that would go so well with it too!

my email address is:

Keep uploading looks!

Love Alishia


therese said...

Hi !
I followed all the steps :)

My favorite is Fragonard Frock Black (it will be a christmaspresent for my mother actually)!

My email:

Janine said...

Love love LOVE the Carlisse Blouse. too bad it's sold out :(

Vilde said...

Favourite product is Kriselle shorts. Sweet and classy!

Leoni said...

I loooooove the In-two-ition Dress Cobalt, I would so wear that!

My e-mail is

Cecilia Stelzer said...

Hi there! My favorite item is the minor scale shirt in ivory. It is very cute.

My email is

Maya G said...

hello! my favorite item isssss Minor Scale Shirt Ivory...unfortunately it's sold out..but i still <3 it

my email is, but i'm following with a different email..i hope that doesn't matter.

Sagepiv said...

It's hard to decide between the black fragonard dress and the black fergie dress but i guess if i must choose it is the black fergie!

my email is

thyvee said...

Thy Phan.

favorite product:

Onon said...

Fav: Kriselle Shorts


Anonymous said...

Gethsemane Blouse Ochre


Anonymous said...

my favorite is the hermera dress in olive, so fun and flirty!


thanks! :D

Melissa In Wonderland said...

The Brittany Dress is absolutely cute and simple! I could use something simple xD


following with bloglovin as well

Jacquelyn said...

Rhonda Blouse Black :)

Jacquelyn Son

Unknown said...

Freesia Dress Black c:


Rhea Nel said...

I'm just a new follower but I already love your blog! <3 Anyways, I like this item from Mont Affair:

It is the Natalie Overlay Black :D

Rhea Nel Gulafo

Anna of Green Gables said...

hello Alyssa!
My favorite item is Fergie Dress in Black.
i love peplum dresses/skirt!

FB:Jusliana Sianturi

Vika Vinessa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vika Vinessa said...

hello,, i just follow your blog.. :D
i found this giveaway and join it.. (hope I get picked)

I've done what you asked for.. and after checking up MontAffair website I just can't choose my favorite item.. it's all so pretty. But after a while my eye got stuck in Britanny Dress which is PINK! and LACE! and PLEATED!
It's just my favorite.. 3 in 1 :D


Fuscia Life

SwaggaKat said...

I liked Nashkar Dress and Vitello Tank Cream most of all)
my email is

Mishelle said...

Hello :) great giveaway :)

soniox said...

the 'in-two-ition dress pink-solid' is my absolute favorite


good luck to everyone :)

ticiachester said...

i love the Flounce Dress Ochre its my favorite product.
really hard to choose love them all

isahrangme said...

i love the Bordeaux Shorts~

isahrangme AT gmail DOT com

budd-dwyer said...

ahh! everything is so pretty! (: i think i like the honey mustard shorts the best though!

amontezz said...

congratulations on the blog! I have loved it ever since I found alyssa's lookbook and finally decided to create an account to follow since & I loved that you guys are also in edmonton

this website's clothing is so nice! If I had to pick one thing though it'd be the Biuca Blouse.
and thanks for doing a give away!

Jace said...

i just stumbled upon alyssa's lookbook today and i literally went through her entire blog... my new found style bible! i particularly love the bottoms montaffair offer esp the palazzo culottes <3 am loving the fact that it's freeee shipping to singapore! bookmarked as one of my online shopping favs now :X

truckloads of thanks for this giveaway!

cheers, jace

Anonymous said...

Found this through lookbook! I love the cute colorful pencil skirts on this site.

Jasmine said...

Favorite - Nova Arm Candy

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