Reebonz package!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Reebonz package is here! And it's even better than I imagined! Don't worry, I will share pictures ASAP, but right now, I really really have to cram for my Urban Cities quiz tomorrow.
Today had to be the most hectic day since the beginning of this school year. Just 3 more chapters before I can sleep and put it all behind me.
Sorry for the quick post! After next Thursday, I'll be free to blog again!

PS: Kurtis and I ordered WeWood watches yesterday! So excited for them to come in!
PPS: If you're interested in a watch, check out the Jack Threads sale going on ($75 instead of $120 for a WeWood watch). They plant a tree for every watch that someone buys!
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Faux fur and lost causes

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

During the day, I think about a lot of things. Yes, there is no better word than "things" to describe the collection of thoughts that are processed in my head. Regardless, I've recently come to the conclusion that my favorite pair of Nine West flats (a present from my cousins) need a replacement. No matter how much I love them them, they will never return to the brand-new condition they once were. Therefore, as a girl with a ludicrous obsession with shoes, I have started the hunt for yet another pair of black flats. Not just any, mind you, but a pair that is just as comfortable and flexibly worn...yet it almost seems impossible to find a perfect pair :(

Anyway, here's another thing I've been thinking about. What do you think about faux fur? I'm not sure I could put it past myself to wear a faux fur jacket. Just the thought of having something resembling a once cute and cuddly animal on my skin makes me shiver (nor do I want to be stoned by avid Peta supporters). What I'm talking about though, is something like a faux fur scarf. I'm definitely not a fur supporter, so please do not take it the wrong way--I just enjoy how people can add so much to their outfit by including something small like a faux fur scarf. Plus, they look ridiculously warm.

ALSO, I've just come back from thrift shopping with a good friend! I did manage to buy a few things: 2 knit sweaters, a grey cardigan, a pair of high-waisted denim jeans, a pair of boots, and a plain white tank top. After they are cleaned many times, I plan on deconstructing the knits and cutting up the jeans (right now, they're "mom" jeans) into shorts! I'm already excited for the end result! More pictures to come (again, once they are out of the wash).
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Lusting for...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here I go, procrastinating yet again.

Anyway, I haven't really been thinking of fall fashion lately, but being on Polyvore has changed all that. The weather on Edmonton is still a little summer-y, so of course I have the usual denim shorts and what not, but other than that, I've really been thinking of comfortable knit sweaters, leggings, combat boots, loafers, tuques, and scarves.
There's nothing better than waking up in the morning and knowing you'll be in comfortable and toasty sweaters all day (with or without a warm coffee in your hand).
Also, I get to go thrift shopping with a friend tomorrow! I'm so excited! 


18 by alyssa-lau featuring short shorts

Pringle of Scotland long sleeve shirt, $1,395
Peter Jensen long cardigan, $324
Knit top, $245
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti wool coat, $1,200
H M flared skirt, £13
Acne high waisted shorts, $230
McQ by McQueen printed legging, $235
Short shorts, €54
Ksubi denim shorts, $200
J Crew kitten heels, $230
Rag & Bone high heels, $550
Madewell suede moccasin, $40
CO-OP Barneys New York leather boots, $535
Mulberry studded satchel, $1,800
FOSSIL leather shoulder bag, $248
Yves Saint Laurent glass ring, $250
Knit scarve
Red scarve
Loop scarve
Aymara knit beanie, €100

Inspiration for the Fall

This week has been crazy busy. Not to mention, midterms are coming up and I've got to get crackin' on all my books and what not. Regardless, I failed to mention earlier that I have finally ordered something from! I'm very excited to share some photos of it when it arrives and think it will be PERFECT for the fall weather that we're experiencing! Also, I managed to take some lovely fall photos yesterday (Mulan had a nice walk while I was snapping away). Those will be shared on a later date when there is not so much work to be done! I pray the weather will stay this lovely! 
And lastly, I want to share some favorite fall inspiration photos from The Sartorialist, which was actually introduced to me by Kurtis. It's a wonderful fashion blog and shows everyday street style in fashionable cities all over the world! I'm in love with all the outfits!
Note that a few of them are from a few years back, but they're still so inspirational! I'm loving the longer jackets, scarves, knits, and layering! 
The pictures should be linked to its proper source (if I've done it correctly)!



Sunday, September 25, 2011

A quick post before I'm off to study.
Yesterday, I went for my first time on a riverboat ride on the Saskatchewan River (Elizabeth Queen?). I had been dragged out for my mom's 25th year class reunion and definitely wasn't the happiest camper, seeing as I would much rather have slept in than eat with wasps (wasps...or bees? were everywhere).
Regardless, the view was fantastic. Here are some photos.

Busy Days

Saturday, September 24, 2011

So sorry that this is my first post in a week (give or take a few days)! I've been pretty busy with school and I've just been constantly putting off blog posts one after the other. I know its a pretty bad habit, but it's hard to get around to blogging when there's already so much going on! So once again, I apologize.
Anyway, last week, Kurtis and I were able to take some outfit shots, and I am sharing them with you today (a little late, oops!)
Anyway, the shoes are from (they were on sale for $16!), the tank-dress is from Uniqlo, and the vest is from Nordstrom. The necklace I was wearing was actually from a craft fair that happens a couple times of year in Edmonton called Make it - The Handmade Revolution! More information here if you live in Edmonton, Vancouver, or Calgary, and want to check it out! 



Hunting For Witches

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

These past few days seem pretty surreal. The amount of work I have to put into my courses is ridiculous. The time I have to spend each day reading and doing homework is outrageous. In High School, I definitely did bare minimum when school was over. I would go home, sit down on the couch and watch some good old Family Channel (the old shows, not the new crap). Now a days, I go home, eat something then go upstairs and turn on my computer to check up on my assignments. There is nobody to tell me to do anything except myself and I feel that this new freedom can either make or break my University experience. If I start to slack off, it will just go downhill from there. If I work too much, I will burn out and start stressing. I have to find a balance between work and play. I have always been more about the play but now its time to nerd it up. My blogging has been patchy at best because I don't have as many interesting things to say as Alyssa does. However, I will try my best to continue posting at least once a week. The outfit I have today is a classic cardigan and shirt combo. The cardigan is a great piece of clothing to have, especially in Edmonton winters. Plaid shirts are always a must and the Cheap Mondays are the tightest jeans known to man. The Fred Perry boots are definitely one of my favourite pairs of shoes that I own and the Ben Sherman bag is a great accessory to have. I hope you enjoy!


Ugh, school

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The procrastination has already started. Really, right now, I should be reading a million pages from my Canadian Cities in Transition textbook (I have no idea why I'm taking this course), but blogging at this moment is way more appealing. Anyway, I'm glad to say that Kurtis and I have some outfit photos to come soon!
I know it has been a while, but it has been a tad difficult trying to keep track of everything going on around us. Just trying to type that sentence was hard.

So first things first.  I have yet to purchase anything from! I keep wanting to wait and wait for more sales! Don't worry though, I'll make a post ASAP when I do.

Also, music-wise, this week has been great. You know when you find a song that you can't stop listening to and know that you will love forever? Yeah, that happened.

Cheers to a tiring week of school, and another one soon to start.

Nero - Crush On You (Sound Remedy Remix) by Sound Remedy Calvin Harris Ft. Kelis - Bounce by Nielsvenema Tiesto - Work Hard, Play Hard (3LAU & Sex Ray Vision Remix) by nancyly23 Phoenix - Long Distance Call (25 Hours A Day Remix) by DGrandino

Lusting for Mulberry

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey guys! A quick post here. First off, keep an eye on The Celine, Salvatore Ferragamo (Men + Women), and Burberry (Men + Women) events are coming on soon. There's also a 5% off deal going on, so check it out while you can! 
If you are not yet a member, click here to join.
And second of all, I just wanted to say that I have been absolutely craving a Mulberry bag. There is NO WAY in hell I'd ever be able to afford one, but I can't stop looking at pictures of them! They're beautiful. I'm not even that crazy about bags!

And thiiiiird of all, if you are like me and really really REALLY love online shopping, you should check out these stores (along with of course) and both offer free shipping and have decently priced clothing. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you more about them soon! Will post more later! 


Liko Lene Lisa

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unexpectedly, today turned out to be quite nice. It was a bit cold in the morning, but in the afternoon, a hoodie was all I needed to keep myself warm (thanks dad for your oversized hoodies).

Anyway, as soon as I got home today, I took Mu out for a walk! I figured she had been stuck at home the whole day, so we went for a nice stroll down the street. We even ventured around some alleys for a bit. 
I figured that today might be one of the few days where the sun is out and the grass is still green, so I grabbed my Nikon on the way out--here's the result! 

Also, I'm thinking Kurtis and I need a wishlist page..

M+A 'Liko Lene Lisa' by Monotreme Records