I like to dress like its summer outside

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Don't you wish the weekend was three days? That'd be the perfect weekend. Just think about how much work/relax time you could get in those three days. Anyway, aside from my day dreaming, I have a Chemistry laboratory report to get done, so I better write this post up quick!

This is a good time to let you know that this past Friday, my boyfriend, a bunch of friends, and I went to a formal fundraiser gala, and I finally got to wear my LOVE chiffon cross-body maxi dress! So there's a photo of my boyfriend and I. He's been complaining that I won't formally introduce him on here, so readers, meet Trung. He's down there somewhere. 

Oh, and here's an unrevealing photo of my birthday present from my mother! She really wasn't supposed to get me anything, because she bought me a couple things during boxing day which I told her was my early birthday present. I'm not complaining, but boy, my mom knows how to spoil a girl. 

PS: Remember when I told you that I had received my Romwe package earlier this week? Well, in that package was this adorable pink dress, a pair of shorts, and two unbelievably stellar rings that I've been coveting for some while. I now possess a beetle ring and mock YSL ring. Romwe's jewelry never ceases to amaze me.
PPS: To one of my childhood friends. Jessica, happy belated 20th birthday! If you're reading this, Ima let chu know that I did try to text you several (but I don't think it got through). So happy birthday! 

You could say I had a little fun jumping around. 
light pink, studded dress c/o romwe [link]
studded loafers c/o the quiet riot (51.39 USD) [link]
mock ysl ring c/o romwe [link]
where the wild things are diy cut-up topman shirt 
red envelope bag from romwe ($16)


  1. Cute outfit! I wish it was summer...

  2. I absolutely love that dress. Do you know if there's a direct link to the product on their website?

  3. you're just too cute! And that dress is lovely!


  4. such a cute outfit! love your selfcut shirt. and i love your hair in the third picture!

  5. Those shoes are cute! Lovely outfit.


  6. @Cindy, I think it's out of stock :( But here's a similar dress (http://www.romwe.com/allmatch-bottom-pink-dress-p-28289.html).

  7. My god, how are you so beautiful inside and out?

  8. I love this graphic T with the girly skirt, so cute! I just found your blog and I love it, I'll be following:) You might like my blog as well...


  9. gorgeous outfit, i am in love with that skirt! how amazing are the detailed studs?


  10. sorry, dress*
    is it sold out, because i didn't find it in romwe.com?

  11. d'aww, you and your boyfriend are so cute <3

  12. I love your spiked loafers! I'm starting to wish it was summer outside.

    - Shannon

  13. Glad that we finally get to "meet" your bf! My bf likes staying anonymous when it comes to my blog because he doesn't want people recognizing him. LOL

    You're wearing those Asian jade necklaces! I rarely see younger generations where those!

  14. that's an amazing top! great shirt, great book!