Unestablish sale!


We apologize for the barren desert that is our blog. Upcoming midterms have kept us awfully busy, so that means outfit posts have been put off for a bit. Buuuuut don't you worry! They'll be back soon enough.

Anyway, we just wanted to share some news on one of our favorite online stores. Unestablish is holding a sale for both men and women! And what's even better is that they have free shipping worldwide. It can't get much better than that. So what'd ya say? Give it a look-see!

Oh, and we think this'd be a good thing to tell you. You can get an additional 10% off your order (on all items) by using the code TAKE10

Here are some of Alyssa's favorite under-$50-things-you-should-look-at.

Who doesn't love a good sale? We certainly do.

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