Mochi Beaucoup $50 International Giveaway!

The internet only does so much when it comes to conveying our excitement whenever there's something cool coming along, so imagine us shouting through cupped hands and yelling, "GIVEAWAY TIME." It's somewhat on par with T-shirt time, but we'd say it's a tad better than that (considering you have the chance to win $50 worth of groovy items).

Anyway, this week's giveaway is sponsored by the oh so lovely people from Mochi Beaucoup. Mochi Beaucoup is an adorable online boutique that specializes in handbags, jewelry, and other accessories (i.e., things you can always use more of--then again, you can use more of everything). If you're a tad impatient and want to get shoppin' right away, feel free to use the following 20% off discount code:


As always, here are some of Alyssa's most loved items from the store.

Giveaway ends March 12th, 2012! Enter via Rafflecopter.
Oh, this would be a good place to tell you to not forget to comment on this post with the name and/or e-mail you used to sign-in for Rafflecopter.
Note: the oh so lucky winner will be receiving the items that she has commented on the post with! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Christina said...

I used Christina Pene on Facebook! Adoorrrrabe stuff!

charity victoria said...

I would get the miss deer ring, the central earrings, and the hearty sweetie scarf. :) Adorable pieces!
xoxo Charity |

Tanya Santiago said...

I love the Do RE Mi blcak wallet! super adorable! :)

Tans Santiago

Stephanie Huang said...
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Boheme.Fille said...

The name is Simona Floroaia on facebook.

This is what I will get with the 50$ credit:

Christy said...
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maggie said...

Things I would get with the $50~:
The Primo Collar, the Magic Closet Scarf in Ivory, and the Miss Deer Ring :)
email: [at]
xx maggie

Vanesha said...


i would love the royal rose ring, the snow white necklace, and the pink French Macaron mini crossbody. very cute stuff

Stephanie Huang said...

i love the miss deer bracelet and the majesty necklace :) thanks <3
Stephanie Huang

Christy said...

Everything's so adorable! I love the Dream Crochet Collar & mint French Macaron Mini Crossbody :D xx


[ Sorry I deleted the comment before! I accidentally wrote the wrong email :x ]

winawonders said...

Wina Puangco; to enter. :)

I love the caramel french macaroon crossbody, the wish tree necklace and the miss deer ring. :)

The Little Dust Princess said...

Entry name: Jessy
Email is (at gmail dot com)
With the $50, I'd get the following and pay the extra couple of bucks. : )

Allison said...

If I had $50, I'd get the navy rose belt, gold enchanted fox ring, and the black cat lover scarf! (it's just a little over 50 but i'll pay the rest!)
Thanks! :)


jc said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for these beauties:

(1) Sweet Couple Ring
(2) Miss Deer Bracelet
(3) Bunny Scarf


Dearest Lou said...
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Dearest Lou said...

Woops messed up on my first comment I would love to win

1)Miss Deer Bracelet
2)The dream crochet collar
3)Majesty Necklace


Katrina said...

my choice:


Giveaway Collection at

A said...

thank you guys soooo much for having this great giveaway!
i'm getting antsy just thinking about buying stuff from mochi beaucoup :)

the french macaroon mini crossbody in caramel is too cute! it would be perfect for carrying all the essentials.

i love the bunny abc rings too! i could keep one and share the two others with friends :D

last but not least, the wishing tree necklace is too cool. can i make wishes on it?? ;)

name: alice lin (may be hard to find on facebook....try looking up the email?)

once again, thank you guys for having this giveaway!
i'm keeping my fingers crossed for sure....good luck to everyone who enters though!!


Tegan Amelia-Rose Wilde said...

I would love to win

1 Cat lover scarf in caramel
2 Enchanted fox ring
3 enchanted fox earrings

∞ thao said...

I would use the $50 voucher on:
1. Cat lover scarf in caramel
2. miss deer bracelet

Thao Nguyen

TK said...

i would pick up the puppies belt, miss deer ring, uno wristlet in red, and the alice necklace!

Norah said...

I would choose either this tote:
or this satchel:

they're both so gorgeous it makes it hard to choose! :)
I did almost everything (only didn't tweet and post a picture) on Facebook under the name Flex ad Norsy! On Bloglovin I've been a follower for ages now. Great giveaway!

RIKU said...

I like the Ashley Crossbody bag and Miss Deer Ring .

celliasaragih said... and


F. said...

i would pick up this:

Shannen Goco said...

What I would buy for $50:


Vika Vinessa said...

thank you for the giveaway!!
so many cute things from mochibeaucoup.. ><
that Loriann Satchel is so so so pretty! but it surpass the $50
so I choose
-French Macaron mini crossbody - caramel
-Alice Necklace
-Bunny ABC Ring

that just so cute.. ><

The Wingless

debbinadebbuz said...

I would win the brown clutch :)

Jasmin Ann said...

If I win the giveaway, I would get the Ashley Crossbody and Rose Belt in Red..



I want the princess charming crossbody :)

agnieszkazg said...

I'd buy and

Marie Castro said...

My picks
1. Shoulder bag

Leah said...

Would buy one of their many adorable lace and/or fur belts
and the zebra wallet.

or maybe a satchel. Hard to choose!

Lauren said...

love the princess charming crossbody!


littlemissandrea said...

Love the Maze Pearl Collar in White & the Dazzle Collar!

Inga said...

I'd buy a pair of new shoes!

Pati said...

I would buy the Miss Deer Ring and Miss Deer BRacelet :)

Visa said...


french macaron mini crossbody in mint

silly lilly said...


i am loving the miss deer bracelet! so cute <3
the enchanted fox earrings are bangin' as well, hehe.

Jenna said...

So Lovely! I recently got a scarf from the lovely people there! I can't wait to see how it looks in person!

I would get:

-Miss Deer Ring
-Sweet Home Ring (with the bird in the next with eggs-sooo cute!!)
-And the Black Butterfly Clutch

Thanks for the giveaway!

elleSEA87 said...

Lauren C

I'd love to add these into my wardrobe

thanks for another lovely giveaway

Faithe Desinor said...

I would love to get the:
Sweet Home ring,
miss dear bracelet,
and the "beleaf' bracelet

Ema said...

Hi! I would love the
-Lucky Clutch in Brown
-Miss Deer Ring



Katarzyna said...

I'g get the Coppola Satchel!


ange-lyn said...

Coppola Satchel or princess charming crossbody.
Hope i can win. cos my bags just dead on me! =X

Agnes :)

gaby said...

Gaby J.

giakaylee29 said...

i like these:
Bunny ABC Ring
Enchanted Fox Ring - gold
Miss Deer Bracelet
Sparrow Charm Necklace

G.Cheeeng said...

i would spend it on a b&w shoulder bag and the bunny scarf (:

thanks for the giveaway!


Josie said...

With $50 credit I would get the following:

Thanks for this!
-Josie, 8bitgrayscale

blind-unicorn said...

i'd take Miss Deer Bracelet and Majesty Necklace ;)

thanks for giveaway!


Sylnoda said...

Awesome Giveaway!!

Well, if i win, i would LOVE to have these:

Sylvia Poon,

Samantha said...

I love love love the Cappuccino Satchel. I'd use the voucher + $10 to get it ;D

joltpin said...

Their store has the cutest things!!

With the $50, I'd get:

I think that's more than $50 but that last bag is so cute!

Thanks for doing the give away!
~Jo []

Szappanbubi said...

I'd like to buy :

Sparkly Thanks !
porcukorborso at gmail dot com

Michelle Wong said...

love the
French Macaron mini crossbody - mint
Enchanted Fox Ring - gold
Rose Belt - Red

Michelle Wong said...

posted on my fb wall

Msanhle said...

I just randomly found this blog and liked it already. Try my luck for the 1st time here then :)

Anh Le

Cathy said...

Their jewelry's so cute! I would get:

YulyaShenka said...

I like

MGbebot said...

so many awesome items! some id love to have:
Lord Lace Bracelet & Ring
Curve Clutch - white
B&W Shoulder Bag
Magic Closet Scarf - Vanilla

thanks for doing this giveaway:)

Lauren said...

I would pick the Aura Bracelet and the Bow Bow Scarf!


Reza said...

It's fantastic!
I'd like and this

Jenny Zhang said...

the sprinkle pearl collar ( and the cat lover scarf in caramel (!

Jenny Z.

Panayiota Christodoulou said...

i love the miss deer bracelet...!!!
It's fantastic!

icecremex3 said...

My favorite items are the Miss Dear Bracelet and the Wonderland Necklace (Deer)!

Nancy C.

Veronica said...

Some of the ones that I like are:

Deer Ring (for a friend)
Enchanted Fox Ring - Gold (as a gift for my good friend's birthday)
Alice Necklace
Wishing Tree Necklace

Coming to a total of about $45


Adeline Kusuma said...

I'd like to choose
-Lucky Clutch -Brown
I think it's simply perfect :)


Maggie R. said...

I items that I think are just amazing and that I would like to have are:

- Miss Deer Ring:
- Lucky Clutch - Brown:

Email: pointebunny (@) yahoo (.) com

Thanks for the giveaway!

- Maggie R.

Unknown said...

I would love the Majesty Necklace and the Uno Wristlet in Brown c:

Winnie Kwong

kat wawrykow said...

name: kat w.
what id get: French Macaron mini crossbody - mint + Dream Crochet Collar

CindyC said...

1)Wishing Tree Necklace
2)Bear Buddy Satchel

Cindy C

Nancy said...

I would love the Pride and Prejudice Ring the and the Daisy Lace Collar. Everything is just so darling~

Nancy Wu
♥ Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

Jess said...

i would love these!!
really cute stuff :) :) :)

Clarissa L. said...

1. Pride and Prejudice Ring
2. Lord Lace Bracelet & Ring

clarissayliu (at gmail . com)

Elly Cowley said...

1. I would love the Heritage Pearl Collar

2. and the Miss Dear Bracelet

Email: Elly Cowley on facebook or

Thanks for the giveaway <3

Danica Salazar said...

i would love the zebra print wallet, miss deer ring, sweet couple ring and bumblebee ring :)

e-mail at:


jamooy said...

I love the Lucky Clutch in brown and the Bunny ABC ring! :)

Jamie Lee

Great giveaway! Hope I win! :)

Nastya Z. said...

I like this item

billie said...

i would get a wonderland necklace and miss deer bracelet!
lovely blog and giveaway xx

no name said...

I'd like to win a Lucky Clutch -Brown
it's great

Vaurien said...


i love the Skully Tote - Black.



freiwelt (at)

Bee said...

I signed is as "Bee" with my gmail email

If I won I would like...
The miss deer ring
The mint coloured mini cross body bag
and the miss deer bracelet.


MaryAlice said...

I would get the edge studded clutch (LOVE)
and the Miss dear ring.

AWESAOME giveaway.

Rebecca said...

I would get the Princess Charming Crossbody bag! So cute.

Anonymous said...

I entered with my email address
I'd LOVE to have the dream crochet collar and the sprinkle pearl collar :) xx

Anonymous said...

either this
or this

... I'd like to have :)

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