Day-dreaming of Coachella

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If I found a magic lamp right now and a blue djinn/genie (whatever floats your boat) popped out of it with Robin William's voice and told me I could have only one wish, I'd probably use it to get myself to Cali so I could have the time of my life at Coachella. I'd absolutely kill to go. But, for some absurd reason, the festival dates are always during my final exams. SERIOUSLY. Couldn't they move it a week back?! The things I would do..

Anyway, yes, I want to go to Coachella for the music. But I also want to go so that I can wear my summery clothes and not feel like an idiot, because let's face it, Coachella is just a convention for all the trendy people out there (at least from what I can tell from the hundreds of Coachella-style-photos). So really, anything goes. In celebration of me not going to this music festival (I will go one day, I swear), I decided to put an outfit together that I'd wear if I was lucky enough to be attending. Let us sit here and e-cry together. Just kidding. Also, my EAS (Earth Atmospheric Sciences) course tells me that in order to reduce waste volume at land fills, we should compost, so let's start a pact. I'll do it if you do it. Okay? Deal.

PS: Yes, I wear these sandals probably too much, but the added height I get is fabulous. They're such man-repellers, it's great. 

cropped bralet and leather skirt c/o goodnight macaroon, bag c/o romwe, pyrite necklace c/o wolf circus, platforms from free people, sunglasses from hawaii, pink skull bracelet c/o required flare


  1. You always look wonderful! I wish you a nice festival, but one day.

  2. Love this Alyssa! The perfect Coachella outfit!

  3. i wish i could go to coachella TOO ugh! but that outfit is super chic, i love it.

  4. Thank you Lidka, Marie, and Evanescent! :)

  5. This would be a great outfit for Coachella! I've always wanted to go!! I'm your newest follower! I just moved from the Toronto area to super small town Alberta so I'm trying to find some blogs that are close! Love this one! xo


  6. Let's e-cry together! :'( I would kill (by that I mean myself.jk) to go to Coachella too. And I would probably wear something like this. The coolest event only deserves the coolest summer outfit! <3

  7. i kinda start hating watching your pictures because you're so pretty ._____.

  8. @Melanie, Thank you! :) Hope you like Alberta!
    @Jeenee, <3
    @Lan-Anh, Eeep, I really don't want you to feel that way! :(

  9. So pretty! Yeah I'd want to go to Coachella for the bands too, but I'm like you, I have exams right around that time and can't afford to miss them :( Also, I'd turn into a tomato since I burn so easily (whoops)

    I love your layered necklaces! Love them over your cropped bralet and skirt.

    xx maggie

  10. ahh so pretty! i want a bralet like your's!
    Krissy xoxo

  11. Gorgeous as usual!
    I love the zipped, cropped bustier.
    Also, keep wearing those man-repellers! Haha, I love shoes that add height :)

    Trendy Teal

  12. wow, I got a little shook up when I read your post. Aren't you composting already?! I thought thas was standard? Where I am from (Sweden) EVERYONE compost - glass, colored glass, paper, food waste,carton ... We have to pay extra taxes + a fine if we would get caught not composting ..

    Haha. I get there are some differences in the world.

  13. Recycling is a common practice in Canada, I'd say. But I'm not sure if a lot of people compost!

  14. those shoes are great- keep wearing them!!
    the bralet is so cute. im a bit jealous.

  15. Oooh, the cropped top looks so interesting with the skirt, love it! x


  16. Great skirt! I wish I could afford to go to festivals this year!! :(

  17. Congrats for your magic lamp :)

    Lovely outfit and great details.

    Best wishes from your Berlin.

    Your Late Manta Team.

  18. Love the outfit, this bustier is to kill for !