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Folks tend to get excited about things, and when excited, share their feelings (myself included). Much like when Edmonton received its first foot of snow this winter, a plethora of sarcastic goodbyes and "are we dead yet?" statuses stormed my newsfeed. Who needs to watch the news anymore when you have Facebook friends (as long as those Facebook friends keep watching the news)? Now, this isn't just some pointless mumble jumble, but it's more of an introduction to to an even more nonsensical string of words that has to do with apocalyptic scenarios I have been running through my head. As many of you know (for those who don't, get Facebook), some time today (or yesterday, depending on where you live) was supposed to be the end of the World according to the Mayans. All that nonsense aside, the apocalypse is not an improbable event when you consider the rate that we humans are going when it comes to our record of annihilating the earth and each other. So I find it important to mentally prepare ourselves for in the case of such an event. Things to consider are: (1) your survival plan, (2) what to take on your journey through Middle Earth, (3) what weapons/useful persons will accompany you on your journey, and lastly (4), where on earth you're going to find someone who looks like Legolas to speak elven to you and keep you safe. Then you have to apply all of these questions to different, possible apocalyptic scenarios. I've run through zombies, aliens, mass destruction of the world via raging tsunamis that would somehow reach thousands of kilometers inland, and earthquakes that open up the earth's crusts and drain everything into a black nothingness. I have yet to figure out how I'm going to reach Mount Doom in order to vanquish the ring, but my mental prepared-ness will soon be fit to face any apocalypse the world throws at us. Also, I think that out of all those scenarios, I'd be fine with zombies. You can't kill a tsunami, and aliens are bound to have laser-like weapons of mass destruction.

PS: Zoe S of Fashiononymous ordered the exact same pieces as I did from Beginning Boutique! See how she styled her playsuit and hat here.

hat and playsuit c/o beginning boutique, jc platforms, jacket c/o sugarlips, glasses c/o chicwish, bag c/o goodkoop, mom's turtleneck


  1. Both you and Zoe chose the same pieces from bb, but the way each of you has worn the pieces is so different from one another! This is exactly what I love to see. Bloggers, in their own element. So much diversity!

  2. Thank you @Babble! I just added a link to Zoe's post thanks to your comment! <3

  3. I've totally planned out for a zombie apocalypse. Wasn't too worried about the Mayans since they meant the end of the 13th era and the beginning of the 14th and it just got twisted. I AM concerned about finding someone who looks like Legolas' father because I love me some Lee Pace hahaha.

    Totally loving your jacket by the way.

  4. I love how you styled the playsuit and hat in your own ways! <3


  5. love your hat!


  6. So amazing! love the textures!


  7. You're so gorgeous!


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