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FYI, the next week or so is going to be a huge struggle full of 24/7 grindin' and trying not to be torn apart by finals. Anyway, I've made a polyvore set dedicated to my favourite colour of the season. Black. And wow, I apologize for my blunt sentences. But right now, words are starting to blur. 

I've also been toying (still) with the idea of making a Q&A video, so if you guys have any questions you would like me to ask, post it in the comments section down there. I'm a pretty big wreck when it comes to me being on camera, but hey, it might turn out funny and I might as well give it a shot some time. Anyway, ask me your questions. The more creative and wacky, the more virtual points you get.

EDIT. A thoughtful anon suggested I answer some style questions, so if you have any, throw it in! 



Raquel Cotty said...

What's your favourite breakfast food?

xo Raquel
Field Below

Anonymous said...

what is an ideal date night?

jannatul rahamoni said...

what do you do when you are lonely?

S said...

what are you studying in uni and what do you want to do later in life, like an ideal job?

Jen said...

It seems like you eat a lot, but how do you maintain your figure?!

LOVE your style =)

Anonymous said...

how did you get so many readers?
how do you know so much on editing?
youre so cool!!!

Laura said...

Would you rather fight duck-sized horses or horse-sized ducks?

On a more serious note: I have a style question... What do you do when you buy tops/dresses that are just a little too short? Wear them with shorts? Or a mini skirt?

BTW I adore all your outfits, most inspirational style blog I've seen in a long time!

Anonymous said...

What is your room like? you're so stylish, I bet your room is too.

Jordan said...

Are you able to see outer space and any other planet when wearing your quadruple platform, stilt, sky scraper, stiletto heels? if so, is there any life on Mars?? LMFAO!

Just started reading your blogs and I actually enjoyed it. Got me wanting to read more. And I don't even like reading that much Ahaha. But foreal, foreal..

Where you from?
When/where is this video going to be posted?
Are you single? Call me maybe??

Don't actually call me "maybe" Ahah my names Jordan :)


Anonymous said...

What nationality are you?

Sarah said...

Hey guys!

I've just started blogging, it would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog!


Anonymous said...

I love your style. Do you work to be able to afford so many cool clothes? (Sorry if its a cheeky question!)
Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

What do your friends/family/boyfriend think of your blog? Is T as stylish as you?

Rosa said...

How did you develope your style and how has it evolved? It seems like over the past year your style has most definitely changed and has become a lot more daring and edgy!

Anonymous said...

Favourite online stores aside from the usual, Romwe, Nastygal etc.

Anonymous said...

What is your major? and have you ever thought of working in the fashion industry?

JJ said...

Hm I'm bad at this thing of Q&A so I'm not gonna suggest anything...^^
But anyway, your style is awesome! And I love that polyvore :)

Tanecia said...

What are your favorite books of all time?

Also, your style is "off the chain." :)

Jacquelyn said...

If you needed to evacuate your home and could only bring 5 possessions with you, what would you bring?


Anonymous said...

Are there many opportunities to get involved with fashion in Edmonton? How do you look out for them?

Polina said...

Is Kurtis ever going to post again?

Tony Gum said...

Hi pretty lady!
Why are you so beautiful?!
hehe, I really wanted to ask: What camera do you use? And what do you edit with?


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