Traded my heart and soul for 18-karat gold

I don't know about you guys, but the amount of effort I put into my hair has exponentially reduced over the past year. Which is probably why it just looks like mess all the time. At the same time, I'm trying to do the impossible and nurse my withered ends back to health by over-saturating it with probably useless oils and sprays. I don't even know if any of my hair products actually work.

Also, growing out bangs suck.

unif hellbounds, cropped shirt, and floral suspenders from nasty gal, denim shorts c/o beginning boutique, body chain c/o briwok


Jan9 said...

ugh girl all your outfits are amazing.

Jan9 said...

ALSO what are you talking about regarding your hair!?!?!?! it looks really nice and volumized! what do you do to it/put in it to get ~*~*~*~dat body~*~*~*~
do you hate the way i'm typing right now as much as i do? lol

Alyssa said...

@Jan9, HAHA your comment made me laugh. I actually don't do anything to my hair for body O_O.

Babble said...

Those shorts! Well, I mean, those shorts with you in them! There, that's better :) Not just anyone can pull them off.

Jeline said...

WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME OMG. I'm literally in love with all your outfit posts. Gah. And I love your hair, actually!! <3


Ánderix said...

This look iss so simple and yet has so much attitude, I love it

Laura said...

I'm your newest follower.. really love your blog, and your style is amazing.. kisses <3


My Gaby said...

So beautiful!!! lovely!


Lauren said...

Get It's a 10 Miracle Leave In.

Honest to blog, I never even need to use anything else (besides hairspray, or pomade if I'm styling it) because it does everything for me. Also, when it starts to run low, put some water in the bottle, shake it, and continue use. My friend gave me about a quarter of a bottle a while ago and I still have tons left.

Go get it!!

Anonymous said...


Alyssa said...

Do you regret ombreing your hair?

Alyssa said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! :)
@Lauren, thanks for the tip guuurl!
@Alyssa, not at all.

Jessica Silva said...

the shorts are amazing! Love your blog.. quality photos with quality model/stylist! :P Following..


petit-chignon said...

Very beautiful!

prettystellar said...

such a babe. love this ENTIRE LOOK, the overalls makes it so much cuter! <3

Alison Cheung said...

Have you tried hair masks? My hair is really long (down to mid-back now) and dyed (to brown, not bleached) and hair masks seem to be working fine, like my ends aren't dried to hell.

And growing out does suck, least its just the bangs and not a full on short azn layered hair cut ><"

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