We're all in our private traps

This weekend has consisted of hours and hours of problem sets, too many benzene molecules to count, a whole truck-load of frustration, and a colony of eraser shavings that now occupy my floor space, seemingly angry at me from separating them from their broken-down mothership. While I stare at my droopy-eyed dog and try to make eye contact with her, I sit here with the same song on repeat, bellowing the lyrics of "Scrubs" by TLC, and counting down the time until I become freed from the shackles of my education.

The end of the freaking triathlon is near, my friends. 

dress from oak + fort, plaid shirt c/o 2020AVE, bag c/o romwe, jc booties, boot harness from etsy


Rhoda Wong said...

i love your hair!


Alyssa said...

Thanks Rhoda! <3

Katerina K. said...

I sa w you on LB :)
I love your style ! i am following you on GFC!
Those boots are super cool!

Katerina from mynoenrock.blogspot.com

Have a great day!

Jenna Hughes said...

lovee the short hair! and the outfit is perf! good luck finishing out classes


Fashion Agony said...

Your hair looks stunning and I love how laid back your outfits always are!!!

Fashion Agony blog

Babble said...

Love what you've done with the flannel. I do something similar once in a while too!

Izael Garrido said...

You're looking rad here!

Bernadette Czle said...

I love that hair!

Constance said...

Only just discovered your blog, and i am IN LOVE! amazing style girl!!



JJ said...

Such a cool and bad-ass-looking outfit! You're so cool^^


Cathy said...

You have the most beautiful writing I've ever read.


petit-chignon said...

Love the hair!

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