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I woke up this morning without the abhorrent screech of an alarm for the first time in a long time. I woke up groggily, scrambled out of bed and devoted my day to wiping dusty shelves, reading design magazines from 1994, and organizing my beloved shoes on an unused bookshelf. Now, I am sitting in my less cluttered room after having lifted too many boxes to count and asking myself repeatedly why people have yet to create and market robots that are capable of simply lifting a box and moving it elsewhere. From what I can tell, the human race is lagging quite behind on fulfilling their dreams and aspirations of having invented flying cars and robots capable of simple manual labor (which, absurdly, was supposed to have been accomplished 12 years ago). So I say to all the creative minds out there: put your brain juices to good work and create a machine with the strength of 12 elephants and the intellectual capacity of--well, nothing. Wouldn't that be grand? We would never have to move an inch. Until the world becomes a scene reminiscent from the Matrix and we no longer have control of our lives.

mameater acid wash jeggings c/o chictopia shop, shoes and bag c/o choies, jacket from asos, mom's turtleneck


  1. Those pants are perfect :) Love how you paired them with the shoes and the turtleneck <3 very '90s!

  2. I love your words and your style.

  3. Reading your blog is quite the pleasure. Love this look!

  4. In love with this look!! The pants are perfect.


  5. I love your shoes :)

  6. love your blog! just discovered it through browsing...definitely following :) you look amazing


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