What happened to the films we used to watch?

There's this bag of chocolate almonds right beside me that refuses to go away, so I'm going to help make it disappear. Also, I seemed to have lost my phone around my house. Isn't our dependence on technology sickening? It frightened me a little when I realized how frantic I was to find it. Now I'm resorting to my computer to distract myself. 

I DISGUST MYSELF. But in all seriousness, I need to get out more instead of keeping my face plastered to this screen. Oh wait, I can't. Because it's too many degrees below zero outside and the snow is relentless. Build a snow fort, you say? Please. I'm 20 years old. Just kidding, I'd love to. Oh my god. I talk to myself too much. 

motel rocks shorts via nasty gal, faux fur vest c/o sheinside, for love & lemons top via gypsy warrior, ram ring from gypsy warrior, jeffrey campbell boots, boot harnesses via etsy, socks c/o da-sein


Danielle Fuechtmann said...

That first photo is stunning! I love that fur vest and those boots!
I totally agree about being cooped up with the cold weather! Right now, I'm just embracing the lazy-time before finals hit hard.

Theresa said...

*O* Omg your boots. I love them so much. I love the layering in this outfit as well! that fur vest is gorgeouss~


vickykim said...

Love pattern-on-pattern look!


Bernadette Czle said...

love the first photo <3

Jacquelyn said...

oh man, I've been eating chocolate biscuits out of this huge tin box nonstop for the last week so you go ahead and finish those chocolate almonds. mmm. I think I'd probably freak if I lost my phone too. Internet, what would we do without you?

PS. loooove your photos as usual!


Jeline said...

I love everything!!!!


My Gaby said...

love it! love the textures!


Katrina Alcazar said...
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Katrina Alcazar said...

I looove your photos and your style!!also i love how your photos are just clean and simple.
sending some love from the Philippines!! :D

FAKEname said...

Omg you're so amazing! <3

cuteredbow said...

Beautifullll !!!!


Kei said...

I just found your blog and I am in love! I went back in time and read through your past posts! I can go on and on, but it's finals week so I'll save the rest for when everything is over :) can't wait for most posts!


Lisa Yang said...


Raquel Cotty said...

beautiful! I'm in total love with your style.
And that ring is pretty badass.

xo Raquel
Field Below

Michelle said...

Ah you look great in the first photo! <3


Hot Trash Vintage said...

insane...take a look at our blog, its just as awesome.


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