Baseball Caps

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Okay, tell me if this is stupid or not. I kind of want a baseball cap.I swear its only because I've never ever really looked like a bad ass (insert word of choice here) in my life, and I somehow think that wearing a ball cap would change that. Or maybe it's just because I really don't want to do my hair. Whenever T doesn't want to do his hair, he just puts on a hat. Or a tuque (which I reserve solely for winter days).

Then I think, now a ball cap would just look plain silly. But then all these photos just prove me wrong. Photos from tumblr, style scrapbook, song of style. 

I even made a Polyvore set to try and sort out my confuzzled feelings on this topic. Alas, all I can think is that I will never be able to pull it off. What do you guys think about baseball caps?

a splash of leopard-print

I also can't stop listening to this Reggae remix of Rihanna. Gosh darn.

PS: Remember to vote for your favourite looks/blogger here on the Lifetime Collective Spring Style Blogger challenge! 


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I woke up this morning and I felt like a train just hit me. That is why I am at home, taking a day off. Sore throats are the worst and I need to stop thinking about it. I've been watching a lot of Arrested Development lately and I'm mad at myself for not starting it sooner. The cast is amazing and the writing is pure genius. If you have not seen this show yet, please, stop reading this post and go watch it!

My summer job requires everyone to wear appropriate work attire from Monday to Thursday. Friday's are deemed casual days so jeans are allowed. I have been getting away with wearing jeans almost every day because my supervisor is pretty nice and I don't think he notices a difference. The black Cheap Monday's I bought recently have become my favourite pair of jeans because of its versatility. One of the readers pointed this out yesterday and I couldn't agree more. I can wear anything with them, be it casual or formal, and it will fit right in with the outfit. It is hard for me to find a pair of jeans that I will constantly wear but apparently Cheap Mondays are a great place to start. 

 jean jacket, store: Urban Outfitters, brand: Pointer
sleeveless, store: Urban Outfitters, brand: Obey
jeans, store: High Grade, brand: Cheap Monday
shoes, store: Gravity Pope, brand: Vans

Lifetime Collective Spring Style Blogger Challenge

Excuse me while I squirm with excitement over here in my corner of the world. Lifetime Collective has asked a couple Canadian bloggers to take part in a competition--something I am so honoured to be a part of. Are you curious yet?! I'm not very good at inticing excitement, so I'll just lay it down flat in front of you.

The Lifetime Collective Spring Style Blogger Challenge is a contest that involves the same three articles of clothing to be sent to each participating blogger. Said blogger will have to style the three items into an evening and daytime outfit while using each item at least once. I hope I haven't lost you there. 

Now for the fun part. You have the power to determine who wins this challenge and reaches the end of the rainbow for the pot of gold. Since there are so many amazing bloggers taking part in this challenge, I highly encourage you to vote for your favourite looks here! Make sure to like the Lifetime Collective Facebook Page first! 

Here's my take on the challenge.
d a y t i m e 

tank and dress c/o lifetime collective, jc sandals, bag and belt c/o romwe, faux fur tail keychain c/o 2020 ave, thrifted denim jacket

e v e n i n g 

zara heels, ankle cuffs from ebay, clutch c/o ella tino, faux leather pants c/o goodnight macaroon, shirt c/o lifetime collective, beaded blue and red diamond bracelet c/o vanessa mooney

Click here to vote!

Us & Ourselves

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It has been a while my fellow bloggers. How's it going? I've been alright as well. Blogging for me can be very... frustrating. I have so many ideas running through my head and when I finally sit down to write, I just blank and sit there trying to decipher my thoughts. It never works out like I planned but hey, thats life for you.

Since my last post, about a month ago, I've started my job at the Government of Alberta as a summer student, got back into tennis and soccer, and caught up with friends who I haven't seen since High School. It's been nice to have a steady full time job but man am I not a morning person. If you want to talk to me in the morning, don't. I will not be kind. I will not be happy. I will be very confused and angry. Especially at 6:40 am. I know thats not that early but its a big change from school. I would wake up at 10 am for my 12 pm class and I would some how manage to be late... I hope my dad doesn't read my blog... Anyways, I hope you guys have also been having a wonderful summer.

I will leave you with a random outfit I threw together because I bought new jeans a while back. Oh yeah, the tie bar was given to me by my sister for Christmas. I really love it because she got my initials engraved on the back! Thanks a lot big sis :D

PS. I forgot to mention, when I had some... free time at work, I put together a tumblr for fun!
If you want to check it out, here it is: No Place For WimpsHopefully the title isn't too ridiculous.

shirt, store: Urban Outfitters, brand: CPO
tie, Grandpa's
jeans, store: High Grade, brand: Cheap Monday
belt, brand: Brooks Brothers
shoes, brand: Aldo
watch, brand: Nixon
tie-bar, Gift


Romwe "Special Present" Giveaway

Romwe has been so generous as to allow us to hold yet another giveaway. We won't say much about it, except that it's pretty rad. You can win an adorable backless shift dress, as well as a secret item and $50 gift card to Romwe. So enter away!

If you've entered one of our giveaways before, then you'll know what to do and have no reason to read the following. If you haven't, it's super simple. Just complete all mandatory steps and non-mandatory steps if you want to increase your chance of winning! Note: last giveaway, three winners were chosen. The first two did not register on Romwe (a mandatory step) and were exempt from the giveaway. So please do everything required if you choose to participate! 

Also, if you have used different e-mail addresses for registering on Romwe and registering on Rafflecopter, please leave a comment on this post letting us know! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fancy Footwork

"How do you wear flats without completely dressing down an outfit?" As the question for this week's Style Panel, I decided to not be lazy and do my take on it. As a hearty advocate for flats and all things that represent summer, I wear flats almost every day that I'm not wearing heeled somethings. I'll even wear them in the winter if I'm sick enough of boots. Most of the time when this happens, I'll look at everyone else's shoe choices to see if anybody else has gotten a case of winter craziness. Usually everyone else is smart and has worn a warm pair of boots. That's a story for another day though. 

So anyway, back to flats. I don't think there's anything better than having a pair of black flats at one's disposal. Everyone should have one. You can wear black flats with anything and everything. Especially if "anything and everything" consists of a rather busy outfit. For a bit more formal look, maybe even add a bow to that black flat, and voila, you're 3/4s away from looking like Alexa Chung.  But if you're like me, you'll force a pair of plain black flats to at least pretend to be fancy. Does that make me sound like a shoe tyrant?

PS: I am 100% guilty of copying and pasting most of what I said above in my Style Panel answer. I hope you will all forgive my lack of creativity. This will likely happen much more in the future.
PPS: Here's a Romwe coupon code. "S/S25%" for 25% off orders $40 and more. Code is valid until May 31st!

Check out how these gals decided to style their black flats. Click the image for the links. 

If you want to look like a crazy lady, just wear what I'm wearing. Especially the anklet I refuse to cutoff.

Amazing beaded bracelet (right arm) and silver banded ring (left hand) c/o vanessa mooney
bag from romwe, brooks brothers flats, tank c/o ianywear, vintage belt, ellie tahari skirt



Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm not the most colourful person out there, so when it comes time to pick out an outfit, all I really have to work with are blacks, whites, greys--you get the drill. The sporty-chic trend (my newest infatuation) doesn't really help this at all either, because all I can think about are monotone outfits. But seriously, it's not like they're bad, right? 

What do you prefer? Black or white?
black or white


My head is a jungle

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Killing plays today. How stoked am I? So excited its almost unbearable. Anyway, there's a little something that involves Lifetime Collective I'll be unveiling tomorrow. I guess you could say I'm pretty excited for that too. 

I hope y'all have been having the time of your lives this weekend. My brother and I made some cookies (by making, I mean putting pre-made balls of cookie dough on trays and throwing them into the oven for 15 minutes), so that has already made this weekend stellar. White chip macadamia nut cookies are my favourite, and I happen to have an excess of them right now. Livin' the good life. 

jacket and shirt-dress c/o ministry of retail, shoes and ankle cuffs from ebay, bag from romwe, diy bralet, shorts c/o romwe

Cuteness overload

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I bought a used SB-600 flash for my Nikon today. I also went to about 5 garage sales with my very enthusiastic-about-garage-sales cousin and managed to pick up a dog brush and vintage belt. All in all, you could say it's been a pretty eventful morning. And to make everything else a bit more jolly, I just wanted to share this much too cute video that I originally saw posted by the lovely Caroline from Caroline in the City. I just can't get over how adorable it is. And I may or may not have shed a few tears... Time to grow a pair and play some games. Pfft... crying...

Have a great day and weekend! 



Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm not a big fan of bodycon dresses. I seem to have the bodily proportions of a 14 year old boy, which I've completely embraced. For your information, when I was 15 or so, I had an airport staff member ask my mom if she had two sons after looking at me and my brother's passport photos. It was a gooder, I'll tell you that. So that's why I opt for magical-looking dresses. Not only do they make you look and feel like a princess (personally, Zelda is my favourite, so I like to pretend to be her), they eradicate any signs of a shapeless body. Most of the time, at least for me. 

Oh, and the other day when it was nice and sunny out and I felt like I should leave my house for a bit, my brother and I decided to make a mini fire. On a scale of 1-10 of how safe this was, 10 being the safest, I'd say it was a 3. But don't worry, I had the hose on hand in case anything got out of control. We didn't even surround the fire with rocks at first. But hey, we used a magnifying glass and scraped some magnesium bits of a flint body onto some newspaper to start the fire. Boredom can lead to magical things sometimes.

PS: I just caught up on The Killing. I almost peed myself. How much do you love Holder? He's muh fave.
PPS: Use the code "theordinarypeoples" for 15% off Alainn Bella!

She wasn't too impressed with us
 Trevor trying to cheat and use flint to start the fire. Didn't work. 
bag from romwe, dress c/o alainn bella, necklace c/o wolf circus, heels from zara


Neopolitan Dreams

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I never had an angst-y teenager phase. Maybe that's why grunge fascinates me. Either way, this Unif tank from Beginning Boutique is the perfect thing for my craze. I was going to start with a story, but my mind power and will power have dropped to an all new low. They're usually at 25% power, but now they're zilch. 

So instead of typing out a long paragraph that probably will be a waste of both our times, I'm just going to say nothing and continue with my life online that consists of chillin' with summoned zombie dogs and a gargantuan. Life's better when you're not alone. Most of the time at least.

PS: 10% off Beginning Boutique new season items with the code MAYFLOWER
PPS: 20% off Romwe items with the code ROMWE20% and 7$ off with the code ROMWE7. Shop away!

faux leather pants c/o goodnight macaroon, studded loafers c/o sheinside, unif tank c/o beginning boutique, ankle cuffs from ebay, bag c/o romwe, tail keychain c/o 2020 ave


Poor Sparrow Giveaway

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another groovy giveaway comin' right on up. We're not sure if you remember Alyssa raving about her jewelry from Poor Sparrow, but if you don't, you just need to know that she raved a lot. So you could guess that she was pretty excited when the opportunity to collaborate came up, and even more so when the lovely Katie suggested a giveaway! 

Here are the details. Enter the giveaway, do all the mandatory steps, yadda yaadda yaaaadaa. If you want to increase your chances of winning, do the non-mandatory steps. They'll take another 2 seconds, we promise! We should also mention that the winner will receive a beautiful horse embroidered cameo necklace that you can find here (Side note here, Alyssa may or may not be also getting this necklace...).

The giveaway ends next week, May 30th. Enter away!

Background from
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rain, Rain Go Away

I've been super lazy and not wanting to do anything but kill some monsters and buy cool weapons. It's an addiction, and T has been complaining that its ruining our relationship. I may or may not be joking. You'll never know. Anyway, I thought I'd peep up from my cave and say "hello" on this miserable and rainy day that we're having over here. At least I won't feel as bad cooped up inside my house if its raining! 

So I just wanted to share a couple things. First would be the Beginning Boutique lookbook "May Flower" shot by photographer Ali Mitton. The other would be a screenshot from Lisa's wonderful interactive magazine for iPads. If you haven't heard of it before, check it out and give it a download! It really is an amazing concept and Lisa is a genius. Check out Just Another Fashion Magazine and download it here.

PS: I'm on ASOS Fashion Finder! You can check out and/or vote for my look here. In a week, I'll have forgotten about this.

And here's the screenshot! Thanks so much Lisa! Support her hard work and download her interactive magazine. There's a crap ton of rad-ness to explore.