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Thursday, June 28, 2012

BIG news in the world of Alyssa. I have officially made the jump from my shitty Blackberry Torch to an iPhone. I have no idea why I didn't think of this earlier, but T suggested that I use my mom's old, old iPhone 3. So, after a couple hours of fiddling around and calling Rogers, I became an iPhone user. Now, I have all these apps and everything is so exciting. It's like I've stepped into a brand new world of awesome. Speaking of apps though, I'm not going to lie, I was most excited about Instagram.  That and Words With Friends. If you want to keep track of my instagramin', you can follow me here!

Okay, so putting that aside, I must bring your attention to something equally as rad as my new iPhone. Firstly, my new Senso shoes I bought off Solestruck for a jaw-dropping $40. On the website, they're definitely not that purple, so you can imagine that I was a little shocked when I first saw them. But, as with all things outrageous and potentially ankle-breaking, I couldn't help but love them. And secondly, is this Gina Marie Vintage silk dress I'm sportin' down below. I know that some people get really cranky when I post about companies, yadda yadda yadda, but when you find something as precious as this independent Vintage-inspired womenswear boutique, how can you not? Gina Marie offers classic staple items that can be "worn for a lifetime, not just a season." Oh, and if you ever feel like walking around naked without the whole "being naked" part, all you really need is this dress. That was just a tad off topic and awkward. 

Oh, and did I mention that I actually dyed my hair purple? Well, I did.

Being angsty n' shit, obviously.
Adelaide silk dress c/o Gina Marie Vintage, Senso booties from Solestruck, fringe bag c/o Romwe, faux leather bralet c/o Beginning Boutique

Romwe Euro Cup 2012 Giveaway

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If you're a devoted soccer fan, then it'd be insulting to even ask if you knew what Euro Cup is. For those of you who don't quite fancy watching soccer all that much, all you need to know is that Euro Cup consists of good-looking European guys playing soccer. That's it, really. By the way, if you couldn't tell, this is Alyssa. 

So anyways, you're probably wondering what on earth Euro has to do with a fashion blog. Well, Romwe has been so kind as to let us host yet another giveaway! This time, one lucky duck could win $200 in prizes. This includes a rad message fan, pocket watch, and $100 gift card to the site. Neat, huh? 

So nothing has changed with this giveaway. Just remember that if the e-mail used to register onto Romwe is different from the e-mail used to register onto Rafflecopter, please let us know by commenting on the post! There'd be nothing worse than winning the giveaway but not being eligible for the prize! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wedding Bliss!

This is going to be one of those posts where everything is everywhere and the flow to this post will be nonexistent. Regardless, I'm just going to dive in and get everything said and done. So, this Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a beautiful wedding (T's lovely family friend got married!). Oh my lord, I just got a huge craving for sour soother candies. Okay, back on track. I was invited to a wedding and had a phenomenal time!

Also, I dyed my hair purple just a few hours ago. Dun. Dun. Dunnnn. There will be photos soon.

PS: Check out my latest Style Panel post here!

Wilfred dress from Aritzia, Zara heels, J. Crew clutch, Necklace from local vendor (I can't remember!)
Blouse from Oak + Fort, Skirt c/o Club Couture

I also have some pretty neat things to share with you lovelies! Every day, I receive e-mails about new products and brands and I'm not going to lie, I usually ignore these. But when something catches my eye, I definitely don't ignore it. East Village Love designs headphones and earphones using inspiration from New York City lifestyle. If you want to add a little jazz to your outfit, you can now do that by just wearing headphones/earphones. How great is that?! You can also add a mic and play control for just $5, or a mic, play, and volume control for an extra $10. Earphones usually sell for $24-ish and headphones sell for $49-ish.

And secondly, PLNDR is an awesome site which allows you to shop kick-ass brands on a budget. They hold unreal flash sales and also have cheap shipping options for those of you who live in the U.S. Shop the sales here. Plus, there are going to be some pretty neat collaborations with this blog and PLNDR in the near future. Stay tuned for that! Everything below is under $35 except for the white maxi Style Stalker dress, which is 50% off! I'm so tempted to buy it! 

EDIT: You can use the code SUMMERLOVE for 10% off ANYTHING on the PLNDR site! Shop it here



Monday, June 25, 2012

Just came back from a phenomenal meal at Three Boars Eatery with friends on 109th street and 84th ave. It's highly recommended if you enjoy good beer (oh god, I just typed out bear), good food, and good everything, really. And yes, I know, the word "good" is the most boring and plain adjective I could possibly use, but work with me here.

Anyway, couldn't help but post these photos from Tumblr. They're my absolute favourites. 


Monday Fundays.... Not

Dying my hair purple is actually a lot harder than I expected. Only an inch or two is actually dyed, and it's not even purple. It's more of a gray-blue, which isn't such a big deal so I don't mind. I don't know whether if its the dye or if my hair just hates me. Its probably my hair. 

Oh, and now that my brother is done exams, I can start to nag him to take more photos for me. But meanwhile, you'll have to sit through this crap taken with a tripod. 

backless dress and belt c/o romwe, thrifted bag, asos heels, blue-beaded bracelet c/o vanessa mooney, sweater c/o sheinside

Falling Out of Trees

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've been playing a lot with curves lately. After being so intrigued with the Tumblr photo below, I've trying to manipulate photoshop into giving the same effect, but quite unsuccessfully. Does anybody have any suggestions for a photoshop rookie like me? Also, if you're interested in curves, you can download some free ones on Deviant Art by searching "Photoshop Curves (or actions)". 

Okay, so anyway, if you haven't heard of the store Kastor & Pollux, I do believe you should stop whatever you're doing right now and give 100% of your attention to this wonderful online clothing and jewelry boutique run by busy bloggers Dani Roche and Bianca Venerayan. You can support these two ladies and their hard work by buying something, which is exactly what I did a week ago or so! And what better time to do so than during a sale. So thank you Dani and Bianca for the lovely kimono and mesh tank which are currently at the top of my list of recent obsessions. You guys are phenomenal. 

Oh, and this is what I wore to the Loft 82 Grand Opening! My dreams of being a woodland pixie are almost complete.

PS: I apologize if this is poorly written. Writing blog posts at 2:39 in the morning is not a very good idea. 

DIY floral headband, jc platforms from free people, kimono and mesh tank from kastor & pollux, chiffon skirt c/o club couture, necklace c/o wolf circus


Loft 82 Grand Opening

Saturday, June 23, 2012

AlyssaIf you live in Edmonton, then you may have known about the cute Korean-inspired women's wear store on Whyte ave right above... what was it, Chicken Scratch? I do have to thank Lucifer from The Satanic Life for introducing me to the store, which was once Kika, but is now Loft 82. So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, yesterday, Loft 82 had it's grand opening at its wonderful new location for everybody to see. If you haven't already visited Loft 82 (and/or Oak+Fort, its sister store), I highly recommend it. Kurtis and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the lovely geniuses behind these stores yesterday, including M'c kenneth from Little Fashionisto (a fashion inspiration of mine and a true testament to the phrase "dress for your body type"), Minh, and Cindy! This resulted in a grand evening with lots of chatting, laughter, and even a little bit of shopping on my part. The store, and not to mention the clothing, is nothing short of beautiful. We even had the pleasure of watching a fashion show put on by Loft 82 featuring their latest! Thank you Minh for giving Edmontonians two fantastic stores I can officially put on my "to-shop list"

Kurtis: Even though Loft 82 didn't have any men's clothing, I really enjoyed the grand opening. I was impressed with the details they put into the store itself and how simple the design was. It was great to meet another male blogger, M'c kenneth from Little Fashionisto as we had a great discussion comparing our blogging experiences. It's very hard to have an opinion about this store since I am not a women but  if I were, it would probably be one of my favourites.

This is what I look like 23 hours and 50 minutes of a day. Usually. 
The Little Fashionisto himself!