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I've been getting a couple questions about my DIY studded denim jacket, so I thought I might do a quick post about it. All it cost was a denim jacket from Value Village ($14) and 150 spiked studs from etsy (which is actually more expensive than the jacket... but so worth it). These studs.

Okay, so here's the down-lo. All I did was use a sharpie and ruler to mark and space the studs an inch apart on the upper back of the jacket. With a paperclip (anything sharp, really), I poked through the denim and screwed in the studs using a 2 mm screwdriver. As for the shoulders, there really was no order or system to which I decided to place the studs. Just my judgement, or lack thereof. 

I've recently started watching Game of Thrones and except for really, really R-rated material, I'm quite enjoying the story. I really can't believe that Boromir was killed within the first season. I hope I haven't ruined it for anyone. Oh, and Joffrey is the biggest dick wad ever. 

So anyway, I said a while ago that I'd tell y'all how I achieved the utmost fried hair possible. And how I managed to get Barney-colored hair. But lately I've been one of the laziest people known to man and have been taking my sweet time to do anything productive. So, I apologize to those who have been waiting for an e-mail reply from me. It'll be coming soon, hopefully. Back to topic. I bought both the Jerome Russell bleach and "plum" hair dye from Shoppers Drug Mart. Using the bleach in portions, I dyed my hair a total of three times separately, each for an hour. In between each bleach session, I waited at least a day as recommended. First, I dyed about half my hair length. Then I dyed 2/3 of the previously dyed portion, and then lastly, I dyed a few inches from the ends of my hair. 

I'm sorry if this reads like shit. Watching Game of Thrones and trying to write with impeccable grammar is close to impossible. 

EDIT: The Jerome Russel "Plum" hair dye lasts around a month, or apparently 40 hair washes with shampoo.

As for my now purple hair, I used approximately 1/8th of the container's portions and spread it over the top half of my bleached hair. I left it for 30 minutes. When I washed it out, the purple ended up dying the rest of my hair. Ta da. Feel free to ask me questions, because I have a feeling that this won't be too helpful to anyone interested in taking the plunge. 

Outfit coming soon! 
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