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Three months is a long time to stop blogging. I even suggested to Alyssa about continuing without me. She said I would come back eventually and told me it was alright that I haven't posted for a while. So here I am, trying to think of a way to explain myself.

For the past year or so, Alyssa and I took at least two or three outfit photos per week. In the beginning, it was fantastic. I had so many ideas for my outfits. Pairing these pants with that shirt and layering it with a sweater. It was a lot of fun. However, overtime, I ran out of ideas. Instead of enjoying the process of putting an outfit together, it became more of a struggle to find THE perfect match. I was no longer motivated to post on the blog because I no longer had any quality outfits, brands, or artists/bands to share. Even when I found a brand or artist I liked, I was not ready to come back. On top of that, I was trying to keep up with Alyssa's posting speed. She pumps out posts like a beast and I will never be able to match her intensity. It was a downward spiral. 

I just read that paragraph above and I know it seems ridiculous but yes that is why I stopped posting. Now to bring you guys up to speed, over the summer I have been working at the Government of Alberta as a summer student, I got into the faculty of business at the University of Alberta, I watched a couple of T.V. series (Game of Thrones, Suits, Breaking Bad) and I did not travel.  I also recently got a credit card (I know it's pretty late in the game) which I have been using to constantly waste my money shopping online. I have also compiled a list of brands/clothing stores just for the ordinary men who have been deprived of male companionship on this blog. I can't promise you guys anything but I will try to keep a steady flow of posts coming over the next few months. That's it for now. See you guys next year...

I'm not sure if some of you have noticed or not, but my photo-editing routine has changed quite drastically for what I think is much better than what it used to be. Again, this routine is based on curves (most curves are from Julia Trotti of "I have something to tell you"'s weekly free curve friday feature which you should really check out at her blog here). Please note that I am no photoshop expert, so feel free to send me suggestions if you think this is too tedious (it is a bit, but it gets me the effect I want, y'know?). 

Also, I used a photo from my shoot with The Mondrian Shift mostly because they're awesome and I had way more fun taking/editing the photos than I ever have with my own. And I guess I should let you know that I use Adobe Photoshop CS5.

PS: I'm pretty gimped right now thanks to soccer and have very, very limited mobility. This means no outfit posts for a while! Sorry! 

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