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Why is it that every teacher this semester has decided to double up on the reading load? I'm drowning on papers and textbooks that are of little to no interest to me already. It's been four weeks. Complain, complain, complain. That's all I do.

I think I'm going to clean my room. For once. Or not.

All images from Tumblr.

Outfit post slow outage has been noticeably slow, and I can attribute that to the fact that I have nowhere to prop up my tripod and take ridiculously silly photos of myself. Alas, I have discovered that my bare and untidy closet can do the trick. And for some absurd reason, there's a window in it. And a stool. Two things which you might see a lot more of in the future. 

As for what's new, I just ate 10 rather large sour soother-tasting, fish-shaped candies.  

sunglasses c/o the quiet riot, sweater c/o sheinside, jeffrey campbell litas via solestruck, boot harness via etsy, oak + fort shorts
Things I wouldn't mind having join my complete mess of a closet. 

Ankle boots with chunky heels, high, high, high-waisted shorts with either an elastic or draw-string waist, more lace bras, Wildfox sunglasses, steel toe-capped heels, lingerie-inspired clothing, ChloĆ© ballet flats, Jeffrey Campbell high-tops with a platform, and lastly, a Bart Simpson-esque skirt that Cara Delevingne made look so good.


I've never had an appreciation for lookbooks until I had to think frantically of how I was going to approach Briwok's. And I really must thank Taryn for letting an amateur like myself take on this project, because the amount of fun I had during this shoot was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much (in other words, a lot). 

First things first, if you haven't heard of Briwok, then click here. For a quick one-sentence summary, Briwok is a jewelry line that incorporates a plethora of gemstones, crystals, chains, and various animal teeth  to invoke overwhelming urges to become Princess Mononoke and ride monstrous wolves. Secondly, Briwok is launching their new site on October 1st, so for now, feel free to visit their Facebook site here and give them some love. And lastly, thanks to Gillian Richards for being patient and enduring my bo$$iness during this shoot. I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

styled and shot by yours truly > model - the lovely gillian richards > jewelry - briwok clothing - mine
Western Canada Fashion Week has just ended and although I only managed to go to two shows, I'm relatively pleased with my experience there and what not. Thanks to Danielle for inviting Kurtis and I out! We still have a lot of editing to do and we'll try to get a post out soon. As for now, here are some black and white night shots Kurtis took of me last night after the last show. 

And now that it's Friday, I can finally get some rest and maybe log in some Guild Wars 2 hours.

skirt and jacket c/o sheinside, bcbg maxazria heels, thrifted tank
I have a million pages to read from textbooks and papers alike, and yet all I can do is sit on Tumblr and lazily gaze at post after post while listening to Patrick Wolf sing a heart-wrenching version of Lana Del Rey's Born To Die. And I must confess, I haven't even heard the original version.. nor any of Lana Del Rey's songs for that matter. 

Back to reading, folks.
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