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I've been wearing this Asos bomber jacket with my laundry-shrunk American Apparel hoodie for the past two weeks on repeat with no intention of ever taking it off. And ever since I received these leather-ish shorts from Romwe, how could I not wear them together?! But now that it's dipped below 0ºC in good ol' Edmonton, I've been yearning for a turtleneck and more sweaters. It's not even -30ºC yet and I'm contemplating bringing out  le winter jacket.

Oh, and I happen to be leaving to Las Vegas tomorrow for my mom's 50th birthday. If I don't cough out my lungs before then, I'll be surprised. And one last thing. Happy Halloween! I've spent mine studying. How was yours?

lifetime collective tuque, tank from nasty gal, bomber jacket from asos, american apparel hoodie, leather-ish shorts c/o romwe

I've come down with some sort of illness, which isn't too strange since I'm somehow always sick, but now all I want to do is snuggle in ten million blankets and watching Freaks and Geeks and pretend that James Franco is my boyfriend. I have no idea why I hadn't seen it before, because it is one of the greatest things to come from 1999, apart from The Matrix. Also, doesn't Lindsay Weir look like Ellen Page?! It's kind of freaky.

Also, if you haven't checked out Vanessa Mooney as worn by many bloggers, such as Madeline Pendleton of Jean Greige and my favourite Toronto-based gals, Bianca and Dani of Kastor & Pollux, prepare to be awe-struck. They're the bomb. Also, never spill concentrate sulfuric acid on you. Anywhere. I've got myself a nice hole in my leggings and burn on my leg thanks to my carelessness. Point of this story. Don't take labs. Just kidding, learning is fun.

cross necklace c/o vanessa mooney, sunglasses c/o the quiet riot, leopard-print kimono c/o romwe, leopard-print tank from nasty gal, jeffrey campbell litas via solestruck, boot harnesses via etsy, diy floral head wreath

Okay, so maybe reading only a few pages of North American Prehistory is more unbearable than I had thought. So now I am currently looking for something other to do than, well... that. 

Also, my beloved computer that I've been doing all my editing on and what not is currently in limbo. Until it decides to wake up and love me again, I don't think I'll be as productive as I was before. My apologies. 

jeffrey campbell litas, boot harness from etsy, oak + fort white tee, plaid hoodie c/o 2020AVE

Also, here are more shopping opportunities if you are anywhere just as bored as I am.
Sorry that I'm the worst blogger on the face of the earth right now. I'll get my shit together, I promise. But for now, I'm just going to splay a bunch of photos from Tumblr and pretend that it worth a week of not doing anything. This chronic fatigue really isn't getting me anywhere.

Also, I had a mid-week realization that being a blonde asian would be cool. It didn't last long after the google images. I also really like cute animals. All photos from Tumblr

Alas, hat season is now in full effect and I no longer have to get up an extra 15 minutes early to make the frayed mop of hair on my head look somewhat presentable (if that's even what you want to call it). I just need to get myself more tuques. And bomber jackets. And floral shoe clips. And everything in these photos.

Thanks Tumblr

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