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Thank god it's Thursday. I still have a shit ton of work to do but hey, the weekend is always a huge refresher. Anyway, the oh so lovely Naomi from the one and only Free People (I feel like I'm announcing an Oscar award or something) sent me this BEE-UTIFUL sweater that I can't help but lounge around in 24/7. I've even ditched my faithful all-grey sweats for this piece of art. Can I finally say that I've found the perfect knit cardigan (i.e., one that's knit, subtly patterned, and long enough to keep most of me warm)? Yes, why yes I can.

If you're still devoted to the seemingly never-ending search for that sweater before winter kicks us all in the ass, check out more sweaters available at Free People. These are my personal favourites (I browse often...): flower power cardi & long pattern hooded cardiBy the way, all the vectors/textures I use are from le internet.

sweater c/o free people, velvet leggings c/o romwe, uo knit tank, cross necklace c/o vanessa mooney, body chain and hand chain c/o briwok, jc booties via holt renfrew, vest c/o sheinside, one teaspoon bralet via beginning boutique

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Apart from the fact that I am crushed by a seemingly large  (I'm exaggerating) amount of school work, I've been able to take some photos (mostly out of sheer boredom). I've also been itching at my computer ever since the whole Black Friday madness. And to think, I didn't even buy anything. Also, I've now implemented a monthly budget for myself because my spending habits are ridiculous and I cannot afford to continue at this rate of stupidity and bad judgement. 

Anyway, support small businesses and click here to like Briwok's amazing jewelry. I've had the pleasure of working with Taryn a couple times and she deserves all your attention for the next five or ten minutes.

doc martens, velvet leggings c/o romwe, netted tank c/o shoppalu, warehouse jacket via asos, borrowed hat, hand chain and ear cuff c/o briwok

Some itty gritty tumblr lovin' before I continue on my next set of notes. Also, my phone makes Zelda noises every time I get a notification (inspired by Harvey's mario alert tones). Every time I get a text, I get ten rupees. Hell. Yeah. Send me useless texts so I feel like I'm rich with virtual rupees. I need to buy myself a shield.

All photos from Tumblr.
My UNIF Hellbounds have arrived and I am completely enamoured. I have been wearing them nonstop around the house, struttin' around like I own the place, y'know? Not only do these suckers have a 6 inch heel, they're also comfy as hell. Oh, and another plus? I don't have to worry about the constant slipping and sliding I have to endure whenever I leave the house. So huzzah for not being totally impractical. You know what? I can't even express my love for these shoes in text format. Seriously. These shoes. They're even worth the unreasonably large sum of customs tax I had to pay. 

Blah, blah, blah, complain, etc, etc. Skip all that and fast forward to: Oh, hey, I finally have an outfit post out. Yes, midterms are over, but finals are right around the corner. Time to get grinding and return to my former recluse status. Okay, I'm going to sleep. This talk is all nonsensical.

unif hellbounds + tank top via nasty gal, one teaspoon bralet via beginning boutique, acid wash shorts c/o beginning boutique, kastor & pollux kimono, cross necklace c/o vanessa mooney

I've never been a huge advocate of wearing leggings as pants, especially when they show everything. But how could I not try to show off as much of these leggings as possible... Especially when they have freaking adorable dogs all over them. This is taking my love for dogs to a whole new level. 

Also, don't expect any outdoor shots for a while. It's much too cold outside and my tolerance for winter is slipping away as we speak. It's not even December yet.

leggings c/o daddyz, creepers c/o sheinside, thrifted tank

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