Lost in the midnight blue

Velvet boots. Two of my favourite words in one phrase. Really, need I say more? So as soon as I woke up to these babies sitting on my kitchen counter, what else could I do but wear it with... velvet overalls.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm heading to New York on my birthday for a 3-day NYFW spectator's experience? Oh, and did I also mention that I'll be meeting up with good ol' blogger pals Bianca and Dani from Kastor and Pollux?! Who needs school when you can just have fun, right (just kidding.. maybe)? For all you cool kids who have already been, feel free to send me some "go visit this place" or "go eat here" or "let's meet up, I'm not a 40-year-old man, I promise" comments. Have a great weekend, lovelies. 

blue velvet boots c/o to be announced (via solestruck), blue velvet overalls c/o choies, scarf from ebay, bag c/o romwe, hat c/o beginning boutique, bdg crop t-shirt


Amy N. said...

Those shoes are amazing!

Sharmili said...

I'm so glad overalls have made a comeback! and those boots are perfect, I want them sooo badly

Mili from call me, Maeby

My Gaby said...

Wow! love it!


Babble said...

LOVE this :D

SO. said...

youve been all over fashion blogs and im so glad i finally got images that routed to your site!

Rhoda Wong said...

i love this whole farmer-esk but totally chic look


Shirley said...

Loooooove the shoes! You look good in everything Alyssa =( haha love the hat!

xx, Shirley

Steven Brown said...

I hope I see you around in NY :) !!!

Krys said...

Wooo that's awesome! I'm so glad you get to come to New York – you should go to the Chelsea food markets if you have time plus good food (which who doesn't love that haha.) There are some lovely art exhibits up at the moment, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Hope you have a lovely weekend! (P.S. velvet boots, score!)

Elle said...

Those overalls are gorgeous

Jacquelyn said...

mmm you rocked those overalls girlll. So jelly that you're going to NYFW. I've yet to go, so enjoy yourself & party hard!


Stephanie Huang said...

Soo cute <3 I love these boots paired with the overalls - but honestly - I really can't describe how much I love these boots!

And you're still on for meeting up for brekkie, right? <3

High-Stitched Voice

Jessica Silva said...

love love love! you look amazingg.. love the whole outfit! <3


Teresa Vu said...

absolutely love the whole ensemble, it's too charming!! and ahhhh i can't believe you're coming to new york <3 some must eat places are definitely Shake Shack and Japadog !!! it would be like a dream come true to get to meet you alyssa <3 but darn classes taking away all the joyousness of my life -___-


Sydney L. said...

aww this outfit is perfect!
im so into overalls lately i own a dunagrees and can't wait to wear it! (i have to keep it for CNY)

clara liew said...

Gosh those bootssssss!
Love your style, I'm a great fan of your looks! <3


PITA said...

Love it ! <3


Moira Parton said...

Aww, I wish I can go to New York too. Have fun while you're out there! x

Märta said...

Your shoes are fabulous!

Rhea said...

You made overalls look hawt! <3

Wulan Wu said...

this is cool!
and you shoes are fabulous!

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Nahomi Garcia said...

awesome boots hun !
i think i saw some similar in topshop an i ALMOST bought them but i decided against it although i ended up regretting it but it was too late lol
have fun in NY though !dont forget to try the Frozen Hot Chocolate

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