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Unsurprisingly, it started to snow a few days ago, leaving Edmontonians storing their shovels and snowpants confused and rather disgruntled. Do we pull out our knee-high snow boots again? Or do we just tough it out with our dust-covered flip-flops and Birkenstocks? Of course, I went with the latter. Either way, thanks to Lotus Leaf Communciations, I had this Mink Pink jumper dress to keep the upper 3/4ths of me warm.

Also, if you didn't happen to notice, I am no longer blonde. Now, my hair is a sort of brown/green-grey colour that I'm growing quite fond of. My grandma even said I looked Chinese again. Lolz.
knitted jumper c/o MINK PINK (via Lotus Leaf Communications)
shoes c/o FRONT ROW SHOP
vintage denim jacket c/o FATE
zara bag
holt renfrew skirt


Yujin Ryeo said...

I love you as a blonde but the brown suits you well of course! I really love this outfit...it's simple yet chic



Eleanor said...

I love this colour hair on you! it's nice to have a bit of change, and this dark shade is so unusual!! gorgeous! dying over the jumper too - so perfect! :)

Jay said...

You look beautiful in dark hair! :D

Audrey S said...

In love with this outfit! That sweater is flawless and I really like big simple clutches right now too. Great look!


karl philip Leuterio said...

love u dear


your hair color looks stunning, and so does your outfit!

Ruth Rodrigues said...

Pretty with this new hair! i cut mine a few days ago and is similiar but more longer! I did a post about you on my blog! :)
(sorry for the english)

Mackenzie Mancuso said...

I am obsessed with your sweater, this outfit, and your entire blog. Thought you should knowwww. :)

x Kenzie

Vonny said...

love your new hair color :) suit you better

midori said...

amazing how both hair colors suit you perfectly!!!! this is more feminine and blond is more powerful woman :) Love both

Kristýna Tulachová said...

That hair change looks pretty good! It suits you :3

Milda Narmon said...

Ok, so I must have had some sort of weird emotional attachment to your blonde hair, because I feel genuinely upset that it is no longer blonde...
Creeper alert!

Niña Alvia said...

So so so gorg! AGHHH x


nabilla sari hidayat said...

omg !!! i think black hair is the best for you, you look so natural :)


detop said...

Have a nice spring! You look gorgeous!

Ajeng Andianti said...

love the outfit!!!!


ritzz said...

so pretty xx

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k come karolina said...

wow! this looks so cool!!!

xoxo from rome

She's A Liibra said...

Very well put together, love this outfit!

Kim Thomas said...

Love every part of your outfit! Especially the shoes and socks!


Fiverr Work said...

Also, if you didn't happen to notice, I am no longer blonde. Now, my hair is a sort of brown/green-grey colour that I'm growing quite fond of. open source software

Temporary:Secretary said...

great look, you look amazing. x

Canada said...

I'm love hair is a sort of brown/green-grey! you show.
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