About Me

Alyssa Lau is a 24-year-old content creator, photographer, creative director, and owner of sustainable e-commerce shop New Classics Studios born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


After first launching the Ordinary People blog with her cousin, Kurtis, in 2011, Ordinary People has since evolved from just another fashion blog into an atypical creative channel for her to share so much more than her current sartorial cravings.


Every post on this blog was written by Alyssa and in order to stay true and honest to her aesthetic values, she has only accepted (and continues to accept) collaborations that suits her personal taste and philosophies. She does occasionally write sponsored posts (which she will always disclose to you). Please note that all gifted items and clothes are shown with “c/o”, which otherwise means “courtesy of.” Affiliate links are occasionally used and can be distinguished by a “rstyle” URL. Using these links is entirely up to you.



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