In the summer of 2011, I started this blog with my cousin, Kurtis, and together we maintained it as photographic evidence of our rather insignificant existence in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We grew up with Jackie Chan Adventures and The Magic School Bus in the 90s, accompanied by countless hours of Pok√©mon and shenanigans alike. And now we're here; Alyssa freshly graduated and Kurtis still busy with University and unfortunately, no longer blogging.

So here's a little bit about me. I'm a 23-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl from Edmonton, Alberta who greatly dislikes (note: bordering on hatred, but that's a strong word so let's just tip-toe around it) snow and other such cold things but so happens to live in a city where 3/4ths of the year is winter. Some of my favourite things (in no particular order) include my dog (that's an obvious one), anything related to Zelda, various anime shows, quinoa salad, Beast Wars, Suikoden II, Hershey's Cookies and Cream, mechanical keyboards, and sour cream and onion potato chips. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2013 with a major in Chemistry and minor in Anthropology, and now work part-time in a Biochemistry lab with half my other time working at a store called Coup Boutique. I really have no clue about what I want to do or where I want to be in, give or take, ten years, but for now, this blog will serve as the vessel from which I can express my sartorial choices, personal opinions and other such intimate details in a not-so-serious manner. Note that I one hundred percent understand that "fashion blogging" is a really, really, really... unusual vestiary activity. In fact, I essentially take glamorized mirror pics (or #selfies, take your pick). But I'm okay with that. I hope you are too. 

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Every post on this blog was either written by me or Kurtis under no influence from brands or commercial/monetary interests. In order to stay true and honest to our aesthetic values, we have only accepted (and continue to accept) collaborations that suit our personal taste and philosophies. Please note that all gifted items and clothes are shown with "c/o", which otherwise means "courtesy of." Also, affiliate links are occasionally used and can be distinguished by a "rstyle" URL. Using these links is entirely up to you! 

In regards to brand collaboration, we will always try our best to be 100% transparent. If there should be any advertisements on our blog, they will be explained in a post. Otherwise, we want to keep this blog as clean and efficient-to-use for all you cool cats that take the time out of your lives to read what we write (and for that, we thank you infinitely). 


Since 2013, I have been making a conscious effort to shop more selectively, ethically, and sustainably. And in October 2014, I launched an online store, called New Classics Studios, dedicated to sustainability and the ethical production of clothing. You can read more about it here.