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Beauty Products with Antimicrobial Elements: Get to Know Them!

Sanitizers became a craze when COVID-19 ravaged the world. It makes sense that sanitizers should not only be limited to hand use. That’s why many beauty brands started making products that have antimicrobial ingredients.

Here are a few examples of beauty products with antimicrobial ingredients. 

We all know that alcohol can make the skin dry but with Dove hand sanitizer, you can use it as often as you want because it has Shea Butter, an ingredient that is known to moisturize skin.

UVe’ Facial Hygiene Products come with antimicrobial agents that not only cleanse dirt but most importantly kill deep-seated microbes in your skin.

Hate that strong alcohol smell? CTZN just created a spray sanitizer that can be used for masks, lipstick and other stuff you often hold. This is recommended for make-up tools with multiple users such as beauty salons and make-up studios.

Now you can use a beauty product and a sanitizer rolled in one. 

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