Fashion Champion Susan Langdon Received the Order of Canada Award

The Order of Canada Award is one of the country’s highest awards. Fashion Champion Susan Langdon must be in high heavens when she heard about the award being given to her. Langdon is the executive director of Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI). According to the governor-general, “her contribution to the fashion industry as an executive, mentor and educator has positively impacted Canada’s culture and economy.”

Langdon is an icon in Canada’s fashion circle, this Toronto-born third-generation Canadian came from Japanese origin. The elders in her family tree were imprisoned during world war II. Her parents felt ashamed to be labelled “enemies of Canada,” and this honor is her family’s redeeming grace, “truly a dream come true,” said Langdon.

She made her way through Canada’s fashion industry through sheer dedication to her craft. Right now, she is engrossed in helping Canadian designers navigate the world of fashion. She believed that Canada’s fashion design is high caliber. According to her if it’s made in Canada, it is ethically made and of high quality.

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