Black History Month Features Workout Wear by Peloton

To give us more motivation to run, Peloton created workout gear that actually works. Designed in collaboration with Black fashion designers, Peloton features 18 collections of custom workout items. They launched this in time for Black History Month to give recognition to the Black ancestors who exhibited zeal and strength during their history’s trying times.

Each Black Peloton instructor is partnered with one artist to design a fashion piece ranging from top tanks to leggings.  Here are some of the best features of the collection.  

This collection exudes an aura of coolness and calmness but with a conspicuous display of strength in its layers.

This collection can be worn anytime during the year, as the artist stated, Black experience can’t be contained in a month.

This collection represents diversity with its multilayered vibrant colors and overlapping shapes, just like the beauty created when people from different cultures unite for one goal.

This collection is an apt representation of the Black community—it conveys power, beauty, strength, and wisdom.

Click through the collection now!

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