Professional Women Wear Backpacks Instead of Purses

There is an exciting and unexpected wave taking over the professional white-collar scene. Professional women are ditching their typical tote-style purses for what many would deem unusual in the workplace — good old, practical backpacks. Here is a close look at this dynamic shift in white-collar women’s choice of bags and reasons why you might want to join in on the trend.

The Old Way Of The Purse

For what seems to be forever, women in the professional setting have used purses as their go-to choice of handbags. They appear to be pretty functional — you can sling the straps across a shoulder, reach into it to grab something anytime, and even toss it into the passenger seat of your car when driving. Asides from being as functional as one could hope, they can also get pretty fancy!

The range of colors, fabrics, and materials is almost endless — sweet, sweet leather, to be precise. Despite how tempting it might be to go shopping for the perfect classy purse, that lifestyle comes with its own hazards. Many white-collar women who use backpacks have been discovered to suffer from a myriad of the back, neck, and shoulder pain problems, including thinning spinal discs, spinal muscles imbalances, and even affected gait.

Noting the adverse effects carrying a purse may have on one’s health, it is also crucial to question its functionality. As a working woman who has tons of roles to juggle, it is nearly impossible to fit everything you need to carry around inside your purse. Your computer, tablet, workbooks, books, notebooks, makeup, the occasional sweater or scarf, and water bottle — you name it — all need a place to stay, and sometimes, your purse just may not cut it with the limited space it offers.

Out With The Old And In With The New!

When you look at women’s fashion trends over the years, it is a common denominator to see that beauty is associated with pain or, at least, some discomfort. Only now is the dynamic starting to shift such that comfort is the new cool, and you can wear whatever makes you feel most at ease. And for that reason alone, the impractical era of purses has taken a seat to pave the way for the new glorious age of backpacks!

The rise of the lady backpack has been observed in the last few years, and for a good reason too! Addressing the once-raging epidemic of health hazards associated with purses, backpacks work by evenly distributing the weight of your belongings across the shoulders and back. Switching to a backpack is also synonymous with getting more room to fit whatever you need to carry around, be it your computer, notebooks, or extra clothes for the gym!


While making the switch might seem daunting at first, you can find the perfect backpack for you when you put your mind to it. These excellent bags come in various sizes, shapes, designs, and colors that are sure to meet your standards and taste. More brands are popping up by the day with new designs to love. Sure, it might seem strange to ditch the conventional choice, but once you enjoy those first few days of eased back/shoulder pain coupled with better mobility and larger storage capacity, there is no going back!

For many years, women have been on the seemingly never-ending quest to find the perfect work-life carry-all bag. While the single-shoulder tote bag life can be great, perhaps it’s time to let it go. The revolution is nigh, and you might find that jumping on this wagon is the best decision you make for your daily comfort.

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