5 Warmest Winter Coat Brands to Beat the Canadian Winter Chill

The cold months can get incredibly harsh. Have you been looking for the best winter coats to buy in Canada to help you ward off the chill while enjoying time outside with friends and family? You are in luck. Here are our selections for the 5 best winter jackets to help you stay warm throughout the cold days of the year.

1. Columbia Winter Jackets


Columbia jackets first made their unforgettable parka debut in 1986 – the 2-layer Bugaboo jacket. The brand hit it big with fans thanks to the unique Omni-Heat and Thermarator insulation technology used to make their items. The Omni-heat thermal reflective technology uses tiny metallic dots arranged in unique patterns in the fabric to reflect body heat and retain warmth. Over the years, the technology has been refined many times to further make Columbia jackets warmer and more breathable.

Columbia’s Thermarator technology is also a favourite among fans. Jackets made with it are made of finer fabrics that can help conserve heat without being too heavy. Despite being effective at keeping you warm, a Columbia jacket made with this technology will not appear too big or puffy and slim enough to wear under a backpack.

Sizes Available

Columbia makes jackets for both men and women – from size small to extra, extra-large for men, and from size extra small to extra-large for women.

2. The North Face Winter Jackets


Also one of the most popular activewear brands, The North Face makes a wide range of insulated winter jackets uniquely made from high-quality goose down. This brand will especially appeal to sustainability enthusiasts as its productions are made with ethical standard processes. The North Face winter jackets are excellent for all kinds of activities in harsh and extreme climates.

Sizes Available

The brand makes winter jackets for men (sizes small to extra, extra-large) and for women (extra small to extra large).

3. Patagonia Jackets

Patagonia jackets are a favourite for sustainability and high-quality products. The brand produces good quality and long-lasting winter jackets made of responsibly sourced quality down with a fill power rating of up to 800. You can expect comfort and optimal insulation with Patagonia winter jackets.

Sizes Available

Men’s sizes range from extra, extra small (XXS) to extra, extra, extra-large (XXXL). Women’s winter jackets come in sizes extra, extra small (XXS) to extra large (XL).


This proudly Canadian brand designs its timeless and warm pieces in Montreal, Quebec. Borealis winter jackets are made of highly insulating materials that are both remarkably breathable and great at moisture wicking. These properties are best suited for active wearers such as cross-country skiers and mountain hikers.

Sizes Available

Borealis makes winter jackets for men and women. Men’s jackets come in small (S) to extra, extra-large (2XL), while women’s jackets come in extra small (XS) to extra, extra-large (XXL).


Also inspired and designed in the city of Montreal, Ookpik winter jackets have remarkable insulation power and are made of wool-like soft nylon. Ookpik jackets are typically made with quality down suited for the rugged landscapes and gruelling temperatures in Canada. Items from this brand are both trendy and functional.

Sizes Available

Ookpik winter jackets for women come in sizes from small (XS) to extra large (XL) and plus sizes. Men’s jackets come in sizes small (S) to extra, extra-large (2XL) and plus sizes.

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