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CBD Skin Care Products That Are Worth Trying

There has been an increase in the use of CBD oil in Canada since it was legalized. Even the American Congress also has a bill legalizing hemp production. That is why it is not surprising that Canadian CBD has entered the beauty industry.
CBD, not THC, has been discovered as an effective skincare product because of its many benefits. There are also studies claiming that it works very well for irritated skin. Continue reading to know some beauty products with CBD that you can add to your …

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Beauty Products with Antimicrobial Elements: Get to Know Them!

Sanitizers became a craze when COVID-19 ravaged the world. It makes sense that sanitizers should not only be limited to hand use. That’s why many beauty brands started making products that have antimicrobial ingredients.
Here are a few examples of beauty products with antimicrobial ingredients. 
We all know that alcohol can make the skin dry but with Dove hand sanitizer, you can use it as often as you want because it has Shea Butter, an ingredient that is known to moisturize skin.

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Buy Local and Black-Owned Hair Care Brands

It’s time for curly talk! But this time it doesn’t need to be complicated. Caring for your curly hair should not take a toll on your busy schedules. You can rely on us as we give you a list of locally manufactured and Black-owned brands you can choose from. If you are using imported brands, show your true colors by switching to the brands that speak about your origins.
Each product presented here specializes in their field of expertise such as conditioners for every curl type, cream, and stylers for hard-to-manage curls, a collection of hair care engineered …