De Lovet’ the Brand with a Message of Hope

Simple and Chic, this is what embodies the De Lovet’ fashion bags. Aside from its delicately crafted design, there’s a message of hope awaiting the owner when she buys the bag, “because when you open the bag(s) there’s an inspirational quote inside,” said Loveth Ezeifika, the founder of De Lovet’.

There is more to the bag(s) than its trendy styles, it comes with a story of triumph. Ezeifika De Lovet’, the founder of the brand is of Nigerian roots. She came to Canada when she was a teenager, “I came here to survive,” she said. Indeed, she did not only survive, she thrived.

The bags which are made from a range of designs, from cross-body bags to boxy top-handle totes, speak of independence for the one carrying it. Its mix of faux and original leather materials gives out a message that diversity is beauty. As a Black woman, Ezeifika’s expressive creation always encourages customers to go for their dreams, no matter what! She is united with her fans to give back to those in need of encouragement. De Lovet’ launched affordable tote bags with proceeds that go directly to women’s initiatives in Africa. 

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