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5 Warmest Winter Coat Brands to Beat the Canadian Winter Chill

The cold months can get incredibly harsh. Have you been looking for the best winter coats to buy in Canada to help you ward off the chill while enjoying time outside with friends and family? You are in luck. Here are our selections for the 5 best winter jackets to help you stay warm throughout the cold days of the year.
1. Columbia Winter Jackets

CBD Skin Care Products
Face and Body Tips

CBD Skin Care Products That Are Worth Trying

There has been an increase in the use of CBD oil in Canada since it was legalized. Even the American Congress also has a bill legalizing hemp production. That is why it is not surprising that Canadian CBD has entered the beauty industry.
CBD, not THC, has been discovered as an effective skincare product because of its many benefits. There are also studies claiming that it works very well for irritated skin. Continue reading to know some


Professional Women Wear Backpacks Instead of Purses

There is an exciting and unexpected wave taking over the professional white-collar scene. Professional women are ditching their typical tote-style purses for what many would deem unusual in the workplace — good old, practical backpacks. Here is a close look at this dynamic shift in white-collar women’s choice of bags and reasons why you might want to join in on the trend.
The Old Way Of The Purse
For what seems to be forever, women in the professional setting have used purses as their go-to choice of handbags. They appear to be pretty …

Look Good in A T-Shirt

5 Keys to Look Good in a T-Shirt

T-shirts and custom hoodiesCanada every man’s favorite piece of clothing. It’s simple, versatile, and you can wear it in any way you like. Or, can you? Well, of course, you can. But only if you don’t care about looking good in front of everyone. So, if you want to know how to look good in a t-shirt, read below, and we will show you how it’s done.
Fit is the first key here. The right fit will give you that muscular look and highlight the best part of your torso area without looking too tight. To choose the right fit, you should pay attention to…


Self-Love: This Year’s Theme of Nordstrom Canada’s Pop-up Event

With all the stresses that everyone encountered during the pandemic, it is just right to seek comfort within ourselves. Strength comes from within, but it cannot be achieved without Self-Love. 
This is a perfect time for Nordstrom to feature merchandise that will make customers feel good about themselves. That’s why this year’s Pop-Up features lingerie and loungewear brands that come in different sizes and shades and it’s ethically made from sustainable fabrics. Aside from this, customers will enjoy a selection of sex toys from sexual wellness brands …


Black History Month Features Workout Wear by Peloton

To give us more motivation to run, Peloton created workout gear that actually works. Designed in collaboration with Black fashion designers, Peloton features 18 collections of custom workout items. They launched this in time for Black History Month to give recognition to the Black ancestors who exhibited zeal and strength during their history’s trying times.
Each Black Peloton instructor is partnered with one artist to design a fashion piece ranging from top tanks to leggings.  Here are some of the best features of the collection.  


The Hype That is Peloton Tread

To all health and wellness enthusiasts, this is great news for you. The American-made exercise bike is now available in Canada. But what makes this treadmill highly covetable? Yes, the Peloton Tread will bring your indoor running game to the next level. The superstar instructor Jess Sims made a short pitch about the Peloton Tread as follows.
One of the best features of the Peloton Tread is its easy adjustable knob that customizes speed according to the user, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. The good thing about it is that you are empowered to…


Fashion Champion Susan Langdon Received the Order of Canada Award

The Order of Canada Award is one of the country’s highest awards. Fashion Champion Susan Langdon must be in high heavens when she heard about the award being given to her. Langdon is the executive director of Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI). According to the governor-general, “her contribution to the fashion industry as an executive, mentor and educator has positively impacted Canada’s culture and economy.”
Langdon is an icon in Canada’s fashion circle, this Toronto-born third-generation Canadian came from Japanese origin. The elders in her family tree …


Lo Vas A Oldivar, The Lates Release by Billie Eilish and Rosalia

The long wait is over for the fans of Billie Eilish and Rosalia because they will finally watch and listen to their newest single. Enjoy the duo’s amazing rendition of Lo Vas A Oldivar (You Will Forget Her) with the accompanying video which was directed by Nabil. Fans who have been patiently waiting since Rosalia tweeted, “can’t wait to finish our song,” in March 2019, are elated when the single finally came out.
This music from the Spanish single is a welcome change from…