Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

I'll start off with a rather trivial epiphany I had yesterday. While sitting diligently in the library (the sitting diligently part is a joke--ha ha ha), I realized concentration and studying go hand in hand with eating. I don't know what it is, but to stay still for hours, all I really need is food to sustain me for those hours. Now I know the secret to studying. But, this means that I'll actually have to start exercising if I am to continue these outrageous eating habits. I miss soccer. It's one of those rare times I'll actually admit it.

Anyway, it's supposed to be +13ÂșC today or something like that. I was so tempted to throw my leggings into the back of my closet for a good five months, but there still happens to be snow on the ground. This really isn't anything too surprising though. Let's just hope that once exams are out, it'll be plenty warm enough to put away my winter jackets for good. 

Oh, and does anybody watch The Killing? I've been slowly catching up (it's probably not the best time right now, but it's stupidly addicting). Is anyone else sick of the suspense?! Just tell me who killed Rosie Larsen already. Ugh, it's so creepy.

PS: The "orange" knock knock joke was one of my regulars when I was kid. I could've been a comedian if I stayed on the right track..
PPS: Photos taken by Gillian and Kurt.

sweater c/o queen's wardrobe, maxi skirt c/o sheinside, belt from romwe, bag from UO, wewood watch, necklace c/o wolf circus, shoes from free people, spiked bracelet c/o required flare 

Also, how perfect is this song?


Clouds said...

Alyssa, you look gorgeous as always!

The Little Dust Princess said...

The back of that sweater adds interest to your outfit. Love!

Stephanie Liu said...

I love the chunky orange knit of the beautiful flowy skirt! such a perfect balance.

xo Stephanie

Raspberry said...

Love the jumper! It's fantastic!

Sophia said...

Omg what a lovely outfit! That jumper in combination with the black skirt... perfect <3

evanescent said...

cute! i love how you styled that maxi skirt. and i will forever be jealous of those wedges.

Daphinitly said...

Oh wow! I totally love this outfit!♥♥ I was doubting to buy a black maxi skirt but you've convinced me that I need one!

Alyssa said...

@Clouds, Little Dust Princess, Stephanie, Sophia, Evanescent, Daphinitly, thank you so much! ^_^

Cathy said...

Love the orange sweater! The color's incredible! (:


Theresa said...

Love the peachy orange sweater!! (: I love the skirt too. Need to get one of my own~


shadiya said...

The song 'A Team' is originally by Ed Sheeran but she's done a spectacular cover. You should def check him out though <3

And you look amaz as always :)

Heichal Salomon said...

Love the outfit!

Kseniya said...

i love this outfit! Its so well put together, and I love the colour of the jumper! i actually found one of these photos on tumblr and reblogged it!, but I had to find out where it came from, which led me to your blog :)

Jannike Rekabi said...

ah lovely outfit!
i just bought a black maxi, thanks for the inspiration~

ardena rose said...

oh wow! i can't believe i hadn't discovered your blog sooner... i love it!
and this outfit is so gorgeous i pinned it :)
will be visiting you often for inspiration!

la vie en ardena rose

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